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Rachel gave up money to enjoy the art.
It has been eight years since Rachel Victoria was reported missing. After failing to show up for her studio time to finish recording her viola piece for Kitty Kutie, the latest pop music fix, everyone had become worried, confused, and still theorize what had happened to her that day. No one has ever received a resolution.

Twang* Damn. What's going on? This string keeps breaking. Katie stared at the fine tuners of her viola, puzzled.

"Katie, what's taking so long? You're on in two minutes." A voice came from the hallway.

"Yeah yeah, I'm coming." Guess I'll play the fourth measure on a string up ...

"Ladies and Gents, you may have heard her playing on the street, at the park, or boardwalk, but please don't interpret that as lack of skill. For the next ten minutes, I highly recommend you close your eyes and 'feel', the emotion you are about to hear from simple hair across metal. Please welcome Katie Viola to the front of our little cafe."

Katie walked up and took her mark. She placed the fraying horse hairs of her bow onto the metal strings of her worn viola and with a smile she could hardly hold back, she started on the first measure. Now even though she may only make a few dollars in tips, she's never been more happy to make a metal string 'sing'.


Note: I haven't done much flash fiction, so that's exactly why I'm doing it.

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