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its the second sequel to the dipshit badass the demon
Its me The Demon I know that you missed me and my awesome adventures.So here,s whats going down.Another angel has fallen and that angel keeps time on track he fell from the heavens cause of me,I caught him giving time to humans for gold and I told god and god got angry and threw him dowm straight to hell.

A week after that I was having a latte with my sister cause shes the only family that I had when I saw one of the lights flickering i thought it was just the light bulb or something but then all the lights were flickeringg and all of the light bulbs poped like popcorn then a very dark figure with a face that looked worst than freddy krueger and it said to me:"Time,s up demon!"When he said that I immediatly knew who it was it was the angel I threw to hell.He shot something out of his hand that looked like a laser but I dodged it and it hit a chair and the chair turned into dust.I got freaked out and he just kept on shooting me and I kept dodging till half of the coffe shop was turned to dust.Then he looked like he was very pissed he opened a portal and tried to shoot me but my sister took the shot and went in the portal.(dun-dun-dun...)

I chased him but he got away, thats when I realized that he was to strong for me so I went to the only guy that might be able to help me and that person is:dad(a.k.a the devil)so I went to hell to look for me and when I found him he said:"So you finally came to your senses."then I said:"I ain,t here to take over the world with you,I need your help."then he said :"With what?"then I said:"My sister and your daughter is trapped somewhere in time by some fallen angel."then he said:"Ahh the new guy I wasnt very fond of him c,mon lets open ourselves a portal"then I said:"Hell yeah!"

My father was doing something like a radar he could see when and where my sister is and when he found out when and where she was he was shoken she was in the medieval age which may seem like a cool age for humans a time for knights in shining armor but for us it was the time when people started to destroy evil like burning witches on stakes and exorcising people but we had no choice so my father made a very small portal it was like 1 ft so we went init was a very tight sqeeze.

It wasnt difficult to find my sister they were ready to burn her on a stake lukily I packed a very fancy wizard costume and the people at this time were very supersticious .So I came up with a plan that included my dad.I went in front of the stake in my wizard costume and yelled to the people who were going to burn her:"Stop"then they asked me who I was and I said:"I am the great and powerful wizard who can make the blind see and make fire with my bare hands"so first I took out a lighter and lit it and they all oooed and aaahhed then my father pretended to be blind and I pretended to make him able to see and they all were shocked and I told them to realease my sister and they did so we were all happy.

Just when my father was going to open a portal the fallen angel appeared right in front of us and said:"you shall not leave"then I said :"then we shall kick your ass"so w all fought my father tried to burn him with hellfire,I tried to capture him with vengeful souls and my sister was kicking him with the same type of kicks she gave me on the first time we met,at the end he fell but he was still trying to fight then my father gave him several blows to his head and he said:"Nobody messes with my children!"and that was a real sweet moment so he was opening the portal again then the fallen angel said:Time,s up demon " he fired one of his lasers at me but just before it hit me my father jumped in front of me and took the shot and I was shocked because all my father did to me was giving me hell.

He fell in my arms and he said :"the power is yours now" he held my hand and was transfering his power to me as he was turning into dust then he died in my arm,I was pissed I made a sword using the shadows of hate and sliced of the head of the fallen angel.On that day no matter how bad my dad may have been to me he was willing to take a shot for me.The End ,this is the superhero The Demon saying goodbye :)
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