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Waiting for my hubby and missing him all the more.
I can’t choose my dreams.
Thankfully though, there are daydreams.
Today, I daydreamed of us, together again.
We are walking towards each other.
You are walking your happy walk, the little sway in your step, perfectly complimenting the smile on your face.
You are wearing the maroon linen half-shirt. My favorite.
Also, your favorite jeans and sneakers.
I can’t handle this dramatic Bollywood walk any longer.
So I run the last 50 meters and crash into you.
You laugh.
Unlike all our chats on the phone, this time, I can hear the deep, warm vibrations of your laugh cascade through me.
We hug long.
Pull back and look at each other longer.
I drink in all the details.
How your haircut this time is just that little bit different.
How your long eyelashes are crinkling just that little bit more.
How your eyes are saying just that little bit more.
I’m not sure of where we are.
You are in high definition; everything else is blurred.
We sit next to each other.
Hold hands, our fingers entwined like beautiful latticework.
My head gravitates to where it belongs, your ever-steady, ever-ready shoulder and nestles in perfectly.
14 days without you now 16 more days.
And maybe a daydream every day will get me by.
Then again, maybe it won't.

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