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Prompt words: gold, stairs, late Word Count: 300
Gloria entered the break room, rushed past the empty oak table, opened the refrigerator, and stared at the empty shelves. Even though the sandwich bag had her name on it, someone has taken her ham and cheese sandwich. Now she would have to go to the Star Bucks on the first floor to get something quick to eat. She checks her gold Cartier watch, she had forty-five minutes to get to purchase a biscotti and chocolate pumpkin latte, and get back to her office before Mr. Overbee returned from his Monday lunch date with his wife.

Rushing to the elevator, she gaped at the Out of Order sign, "Shit! Now I'll have to use the fire stairs. Thank God, the fire code states those doors remain unlocked during business hours."

Pushing the fire doors open, she exited onto the stairwell. There, sitting on the floor, with her back against the wall, watching the stairs was Mrs. Overbee. The woman smiled and motion Gloria to join her. "Gloria, would you like a B&J sandwich or a ham and cheese. The H&C has your name on it."

"Mrs, Overbee," Gloria set down beside the woman. "Why did you take my sandwich?"

"I'm sorry about that, Dear, but I thought my husband was having an affair with you."

"No," Gloria laughed, "not that he hasn't tried, but I have a hand-off rule about married men. Your assumption is understandable, since the old fart gave me this watch last year for Christmas."

"Do you have any idea who he's bonking?"

"He returns from lunch each day with a different woman. The one with him on Monday's is married the head of maintenance . He's supposed to return from lunch at 12:30, but he's always late."

"They should be coming up the stairs any time then."

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