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Battle between good & evil is endlessly fascinating because we are participants every day
"Tonight, the universe is rolling imperceptibly,
softly, exhaling listlessly,
frozen in a moment,
cold and intensely bright, on my skin, bleeding gently in-between hairs,
dripping like water-drops from the tips of my brow;
I am become the song,
the wordless maze of planetary music accompanying the birth and death of stars,
I am become asteroid shrapnel flying through millennia in a fraction, descending into flesh and emanating as fireflies from corpses and cemeteries,
I am pouring into the world a million, foot prints ahead and a thousand lives behind,
I can see galaxies fall like pieces of the universe, run lifetimes out in a whisper,
a breath inside the electric walls of my head;
I can feel the oceans rising to the meet the sun and bathing the world in sticky, birth fluid, over and over again, in my belly; lightning and thunder, runic letters fall on the giant living darkness of the trees,
the demon smiles
the lion eats the dead as the wolf goes into the valley looking for new land and new prey,
the crucifix and lamp is everywhere,
I am nailed to the sky as I am chained to the earth,
I am scattered in the wind as I am moss at the bend in the road,
I ask the falling leave
where I can find you,
they tell me my body is your only address,
you have been inside me for centuries
you will be born every minute in between the folds of flesh, blood, bones and marrow."

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