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Minds have this awesome capacity to hear a sound and connect it to some far off memory.
Our minds have this awesome capacity to hear a sound or smell a breeze and connect it to some far off memory. Memories that either brings a smile to your face or tears to your eyes. Music has that magic. A song long heard, the tune vibrating through your unconscious mind and suddenly you step back into a moment of wonder.

The Beatles' 'Hey Jude' teleports me back to the eighties. Bodies sun-kissed from a day on the beach, barefoot hippies, walked into the local pub. An unknown band played. The place was pumping. Wine flowed perhaps a little too much and then they sang ' Hey Jude'. Everybody sang along, to a song from another time. Every word vibrated off the dirty walls of the Bella Vista Hotel. To this day, I smell the ocean, I feel the warmth on my body, I feel the wine flowing slowly through my veins and I sing along to every word.

A packed throbbing 'Doors' nightclub in the early nineties. Mostly dressed in black, the crowd mingled around the bar and rooftop. Metal heads and hard rockers, head banging to the pulsating music. Then 'Sit down' by James blasted from the DJ box. The head banging stopped. The crowd started singing the lyrics. And we all sat down. We sat down with the broken glass and spilled drinks. We sat down in sympathy, in sadness, in madness. I still feel the magic of that moment when I hear the song.

Music has the power to transport us back to times and places we long for. A time when we were carefree and perhaps a little blissfully lost. Search for more times like these because to be lost is not so bad, you never know what song you will hear and remember a hundred years from now, with a smile on your face and a tear in your eyes.


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