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Doesn't have a fluffy personality
Week 3: Prompt 1: Pink, fluffy unicorns are apparently very popular. But what about unicorns who aren't pink? And who don't have a fluffy personality at all... ~ Story

Arnalda was an angry and unhappy unicorn. She lived on a planet where golden horned, pink and fluffy unicorns were the norm. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view, Arnalda's coat was neither pink nor fluffy, indeed, it resembled a zebra's with ebony and dusty ivory stripes, her horn was the color of asphalt, and her hoofs could only be described as sooty charcoal. Arnalda did not mind the fact that she looked different from the other unicorns, in fact, she thought her coloring made her stand out. Her biggest problem was her name, Arnalda, which, she thought, did not sound like a unicorn's name. Arnalda had Googled her name on the interdimensional internet and found out that it mean "eagle ruler".

"Eagle Ruler," Arnalda was often heard mumbling. "Whoever heard of a unicorn with a bird's name? I would be different if I was a pegacorn, but I'm not. I'm just a normal unicorn who isn't pink or fluffy."

On Thursday morning, Arnalda awoke to find herself lying, on her side, in a dark, dank, and smelly cave. Since she usually slept in the stay apparatus position, she struggled to stand up. After about twenty or twenty-five minutes, she finally managed to stand up, but, since there was no light entering the cave, this did was little help Arnalda. "How did I get into this cave?" She looked around until she detected a distant luminescence. That must be the cave entrance, she thought turning around and walking toward the phosphorescent glow..

After, what seemed like hours, Arnalda stepped into a huge cavern whose walls glowed with a shimmering aqua light. "Well," she snorted, "this obviously isn't the cave's entrance."

Arnalda was at a lose as to what to do next. She considered going back the way she came, but when she turned around, she could not find the tunnel entrance she came through. "I know," she grumbled walking toward the center of the cavern, "that Sassy is the unicorn behind my predicament. I don't know how she did it, but she transported me out of my nice, warm, beautifully smelling stable to this weird cavern system."

At the center of the cavern she stopped, and looked around again. She looked up, but all she saw was a distant blue-green glow. She looked down, and find herself standing on an octagon-shaped lavender stone. She tried to step off of it, but found that she could not move in any direction. After a few minutes, the lavender stone begins to glow. Arnalda felt dizzy, so she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she was standing in a meadow of wild clover. Around her stood a herd of zebra stripped unicorns with various colors of horns.

"Hello, Beautiful," said a handsome unicorn stallion walking up to Arnalda. "I haven't seen you here before. My name is Ayrton."

"I'm Arnalda," she glared at him. "Where is here?"

"My goodness," he whinnied. "You are new to the planet. We're on Equus caballus, the birth planet of all equine species." He attempted to nuzzle her, but she moved away.

"Don't flirt with me, Ayrton," she eyed his golden striped charcoal horn.

"What makes you such an angry filly?"

"You'd be angry too if your name meant 'Eagle Ruler'."

He winked at her, "I rename you, Beautiful." His horn touched her horn.

"Oh," she jumped. "Why is my horn glowing?"

"Haven't you ever seen your horn glow before?"

"No! What does it mean?"

"Beautiful, it means that you're happy. Would you like me to show you around this planet?"

"Yes, Ayrton, I'd like that very much."

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