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Poem written the titles of songs sung by Glen Campbell
It's an Oklahoma Sunday Morning
Wind is waltzing with the cottonwood leaves,
And Mama is at the church praying,
That you get home before Mother's Day.

While you, Country Boy (You Got Your Feet in L.A.),
Walking along Hollywood Boulevard,
With stars in your eyes and holes in boots.
Do you love the bright city lights,

More than our warm Southern Nights?
Come home, Country Boy, to ones who love you,
Come home to the perfume of ripening wheat,
And the scent of fresh baked homemade bread.

Come back, Country Boy, to the old homestead,
That you remember when you hear Gentle on My Mind,
When you find yourself sleeping on a bus stop bench,
Or in a cold jail cell with a tweaker and no bail.

Just sent us a hail by snail mail,
Asking us to Try a Little Kindness,
And we'll send you the lettuce purchase a ticket,
On a Greyhound or a jet. Just come home, Country Boy.

All the songs in this poem are sung by Glen Campbell
Line Count: 20 Word count: 230 includes all the notes under the poem.
Prompt 4: Pick a band or solo artist. Write a poem that includes 3 - 5 song titles by said band/artist. Please bold the song titles. Underneath your poem, please state which band/artist they're by. ~ Poetry
Form: Free style quatrains with some internal and end rhymes.
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