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when the soul and the ocean meet, there is a touch so intense it creates horror leaving
It was like all of the past years. She could not sleep because of the butterflies in her stomach. She was too eager to relax for tomorrow's trip to her favorite place, the beautiful beach surrounded by long palms, white sand and the ocean divided into different shades of blue. The first layer of the ocean is the brightest. It is a green silky transparent shade. The layers after is a tad more blue, making it turquoise. After that comes the dark blue shade. She pictured it in her head, the floating boats that sailed by and leaving big waves after itself. The cicadas making her company being in the trees. Oh my, she thought. The more she imagined, the more her body started to tingle and her stomach filled with butterflies. This was a very big moment in her life, because every year in July, they went on a family trip to the beach some hours away. They stayed for approximately a week or so, and that week always changed her life. She always left with a sad heart, not because something bad happened there, but because she felt she belonged there. She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by the moonlight.
When she left that place, she left a part of her heart, and that part stayed there in its place. She never brought anything home but memories - the things she left behind she didn't want to bring home. It wasn't possible. And before she even knew, she was sitting the next day in a car, windows rolled down and the fresh salt in the air searching its way into her nose.
‘’Mother, I’m home¨¸ she said looking out through the window and seeing the amazing view over the big mountains and the enormous big blue sea.

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