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a teen learns he has 10 days left to live


The thunder woke me up. My mom was sleeping right next to my bed; the hospital room was as silent as a grave. It was 12.00 in the morning I closed my eyes and prayed for a normal life or even ten great days to live, a tear rolled down my cheeks and I fell asleep.


I found myself in a new room the next day, I was alone and I could stand up without using as much energy as I did. The entire room was white and had no markings as if it was a new block. The door opened and a doctor came in and handed me a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. He told me I was being discharged from the hospital.

I found my parents waiting for me at the lobby, tears of joy ran through my cheeks as I hugged them. We left the hospital as my friends came to say good bye. For the first time I saw how the hospital looked like from the outside. It was a short drive from the hospital to our home and a lot had changed like the little plants had matured into great trees and our neighbors' dog, Cathy was no longer a pup but a full on bull dog. When we arrived home, I found my younger sister with another girl I didn't recognize until I was told she was my cousin. All my relatives were happy to see me alive and kicking, it was as if I had resurrected or something. We had a great party till 9:00 pm and everyone left. I was still confused since everything went on so fast. That night my parents told me I was given a miracle drug that could save me from cancer or just give me 5 days.

I knew I had to make the best out of those five days or I would die without living life, I didn't shed a single tear, I have been ready for death for the last 2 years and now I'm being told I have 5 more days to live I can't spend them crying. I went to bed knowing that I will be fine or if not I will have the best 120 hours of my life and will spend it all in my highest potential.


I woke up without my usual moans and groans it was like my entire body was remodeled and was a robot on the inside. I really didn't care what had happened to me; I just stuck to my fun filled 5 days. My parents had planned an entire day at wincers Water Park.

We had a blast. I never had such fun in the last 2 years and I didn't even feel tired or weak I felt amazing and I ate thousands of fries not some healthy vegetables like I did in the hospital. As we were having lunch my younger sister told me how happy she was to see me.

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