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Rita, Adolfo, and the Pink Unicorn
"Happiness is a pink unicorn," Rita sang as she skipped along the forest path carrying a basket of goodies for her Grandmother Samantha. "Whose beautiful bright golden horn grants wishes to good birthday girls."

"Rita," growled Adolfo, stepping out from behind a tree. "Pink unicorns don't exists!"

"Unicorns DO exist." She attempted to step around him, but he grabbed the basket causing its contents to fall on the ground.

"Now see what you did!" She knelt to pick up the contents, but Adolfo pushed her over.

"Where you going with all this food," he picked up a wrapped sandwich, unwrapped it, and began to eat. "Ain't nobody lives on this trail, but some old witch."

"That's my Grandmother, not some old witch." She pushed herself up off the ground.

"Then it's a good thing I stopped you," he tossed the half-eaten sandwich away and picked up an apple. "Paw says we don't need anybody feeding witches cause it takes fat witches too long to burn."

"Adolfo," she tried grabbing the apple, but he pushed her again. "Don't waste food!"

"I ain't wastin' food," he laughed, taking a bite out of the apple before tossing it away. "I'm preventing you from feeding a witch."

"In fact," he grabbed her arm, "I think I'll..."

"Leave her alone," came a whinny from behind him.

Sneering, he turned around. Standing, a horn's length, away from him was a pink, fluffy unicorn with its golden horn glowing.

"You ain't real," he said as he touched the horn. Static electricity crackled and sparked, transforming Adolfo into a black wolf cub with long fluffy pink rabbit ears. Adolfo, whimpering, ran into the surround forest.

"Are you alright, Rita," neighed the unicorn.

"Yes, but I don't have any food for Grandma Samantha."

"Of course, you do." The unicorn touched her horn to the basket, and filled it with food. "Now get on my back, and I'll take you to your Grandmother Samantha. She has a birthday cake waiting for you."

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