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by Demick
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2133667
Just a concept of waking up in a derelict space ship
Her eyes were the first thing I noticed when I opened mine and the shiver that filled my core was not from the ambient temperature. They were glazed over white, empty and staring right back at me. Her lips were blue and slightly parted showing the ends of perfectly white teeth. No breath passed those lips, nor would it ever again. Her hair was red and with strands falling over her face while the rest looked to have once been quickly pulled back in a ponytail. It finally struck me that we were laying on our sides facing each other.

I tried to sit up and winced at pain that emanated from all different parts of my body. My joints were stiff and fought against my sudden movement but I managed to sit up legs tucked under me and I got my first look at my surroundings.

I was in a small room, metal grate on the floor showed a network of pipes and wires below me. Above, much the same except a flickering florescent light. The walls were covered in the dull sheen of ice that also hung from the pipes above. There was one exit to what appeared to be a hallway.

My eyes returned to the body next to me. She was wearing a long sleeved jumpsuit, white smeared with blotches of red down the front. A name tag read Alice Steinbeck lead researcher. In her hand she clutched a card with a barcode on it.I looked down I was also clothed in a jumpsuit only dark blue. Pinned to my chest a name tag on my left breast pocket. Alex…just Alex.

There was nothing I could do for Alice so I took the card from her hand and headed down the only passage way I could see.
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