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by Jacky
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Sarah loved going downtown with her mother. Since Mom was an avid shopper, going several times a week had been her habit since before Sarah was born. So, Sarah’s shopping experiences started early, in her carriage, then her stroller and eventually, when she was finally walking, on her own tiny feet.

One of Mom’s favorite stores was Milburys, and it was one of Sarah’s too. However, though Mom loved the merchandise, Sarah loved the door! The front door to Milburys was a huge triple revolving door, so big that the top even towered over Mom’s head, all revolving around a huge hinge in the middle.

Sara had been delighted by the door since her stroller days, and so once on her own feet, she regularly bolted toward it whenever she saw it. Mom, aware of the danger, found she had to hang on to Sara every minute whenever they were even near that door. But as every Mom knows, where there’s a will there’s a way.

One day, shopping at Milburys, it was winter and Sara was bundled up in her big fluffy coat. As Mom was busy with the clerk, she held Sarah close by the jacket’s hood. But when Sara saw the door, she just slumped down, easily sliding out of the bottom of the big fluffy coat. Mom didn’t even notice.

A few minutes later, however, everyone noticed! Just as mom realized she was holding an empty coat, squeals of glee were suddenly heard from the door. They rushed over to find Sarah clinging to the push bar, laughing as a young boy ran, pushing the door around and around, then jumping on so they both could “ride.”

Sarah didn’t get back to Milburys with Mom until she was thirteen. Even then, store manager still remembered her.
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