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a little girl is told to not her mommy see what she can do for her own safety.

It​ ​all​ ​started​ ​when​ ​she​ ​was​ ​about​ ​4​ ​or​ ​5​ ​years​ ​old.​ ​She​ ​thought​ ​it​ ​was​ ​normal.​ ​But​ ​it
wasn’t.​ ​The​ ​only​ ​thing​ ​Iris​ ​told​ ​her​ ​was​ ​was​ ​to​ ​never​ ​do​ ​it​ ​in​ ​front​ ​of​ ​Mother.​ ​She​ ​said​ ​that
if​ ​she​ ​did,​ ​Mother​ ​would​ ​be​ ​very​ ​angry.​ ​So,​ ​she​ ​listened​ ​to​ ​Iris.​ ​She​ ​never​ ​let​ ​Mother​ ​see.
Until​ ​one​ ​day,​ ​she​ ​was​ ​caught​ ​off​ ​guard.​ ​She​ ​had​ ​fallen​ ​asleep​ ​and​ ​Mother​ ​had​ ​seen
what​ ​she​ ​did.​ ​Mother​ ​got​ ​very​ ​angry​ ​just​ ​like​ ​Iris​ ​said​ ​she​ ​would.​ ​Iris​ ​had​ ​told​ ​her​ ​that
soon​ ​this​ ​day​ ​would​ ​come​ ​and​ ​that​ ​she​ ​would​ ​protect​ ​her​ ​the​ ​whole​ ​way​ ​through​ ​it.
Mother​ ​had​ ​locked​ ​her​ ​up​ ​with​ ​Iris​ ​too.​ ​She​ ​stayed​ ​there​ ​for​ ​weeks​ ​and​ ​weeks​ ​with​ ​her
sister,​ ​crying​ ​herself​ ​to​ ​sleep​ ​every​ ​night.​ ​She​ ​had​ ​no​ ​idea​ ​what​ ​was​ ​wrong​ ​with​ ​her.
Mother​ ​had​ ​said​ ​that​ ​she​ ​was​ ​the​ ​largest​ ​dissapointment​ ​in​ ​their​ ​blood.​ ​She​ ​didn’t​ ​know
what​ ​it​ ​meant​ ​so​ ​she​ ​just​ ​stayed​ ​in​ ​the​ ​corner​ ​waiting​ ​until​ ​Mother​ ​would​ ​calm​ ​down​ ​and
let​ ​her​ ​out.

I hope you liked it. I'm also hoping for more to come. It all depends on how you rate. Hope you rate it well because them you will finally learn my name. (cliffhanger moment)
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2134013