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This is a short story about a dream I had.
Two worlds One mind....

He sat beside her at lunch with a proud glint in his eye. He had blonde hair, strong chin, and blue eyes. He was still working on that pot belly from eighth grade. The room was dark where they sat, with only a few long fluorescent bulbs shining a small dim light for an entire cafeteria. Lunch was quick, as his friends walked in the room. He walked her over to meet them. As if she was a trophy, he introduced her to them. “I have a new girlfriend. And she is forever mine!” He proclaimed with a proud firm tone.
Celia, was a 5'5 Blonde hair blue eyes young teen of 15 A little overweight, but still pretty. She grimaced and smiled an oddly shaped smile as Benjamin put his arm around her head pulled her in for a “selfie” as he proclaimed to all the world on social media about his new girlfriend. The pompous Benjamin moved her head in a very awkward side kiss as Celia moved away. He then took out a small white box, pressed a couple buttons. He placed the box on the right side of her right knee it made an odd sound like that of an ultrasound. She heard her heart beat. The knee was a very strange place to find a pulse. In fact it seemed highly unlikely. But he smiled very intensely as he held the box to his face, turned it off then put it away. It was as if he recorded her heartbeat to listen to later.
Now they exited the cafeteria. She slightly jerked away from him at the exit, for she did not like to be flaunted. She also did not really know Benjamin. She used to think he was cute in 8th grade. However, he was one of the only boys that she did not have a crush on. He was on the football team then, but she did not even think twice about him.

He did not flinch when she pulled away. He was so sure that she’d been his “one” He just smiled, handed her a note.
He walked away sure of himself, and sure of his “new girlfriend”. How absurd she thought. Immediately, she pulled out her phone.

Off of school grounds she began texting. “oh my gosh! You will not believe what just happened” She texted in a hurry to her best friend Avee. Well she thought they were best friends until she received the response text. “who is this? But what happened?” Celia looked up at the sky, it was a hazy orange. It was very strange. She then proceeded to explain who she was. Even though it felt like she should have known her. She had met her at church a few weeks before school was let back in. A few text later and it was like they had been best friends all of their life.
“well it’s weird but maybe you should give him a chance.”

“I do not even like him. Besides I kind of have a crush on someone else” that was the last text she sent Avee before walking up to her house.
While waiting on Avee to come out, she read the note,
“I’ll be gone for 3 days. When I return, I’ll have a conversation with Derek.”
That note, gave her chills all throughout her bones. She quickly pushed those thoughts away, as she shoved the note in her pocket and Avee came outside.

Avee. A tall slender brown hair, brown eyes girl walked out her house. Her hair was long, and cascaded beautifully down to her mid back. She wore a black tank top that accented perfectly the fullness of her chest, along with knee length baggy shorts. Opposite her normal attire, but it did not matter Avee knew she looked great. The black outfit accented the light tan she worked on all summer long. Her hair was pulled halfway back in a barrette as she allowed the sun to reflect the pretty makeup she wore to accent her face.

She sat on the porch, crossed her long legs, let the flip flop “flop” on her foot and asked “who are you crushing on?”

Celia with all of her energy, wanted to tell her about Derek. But it was like she knew that something was not right. Like Derek did not exist yet. It was the same odd feeling that came across when Avee did not even know who she was, but stronger. It was as if Celia had been from the future visiting the past in an alternate timeline.

The blush on Celia’s face was enough for Avee to know that she did not feel comfortable talking about it.

“That’s okay, I have my own crush.” Avee said.
“Who?” Celia asked.
Avee pointed.
Just over the road was a fence. A couple boys older teens, actually, were playing outside on dirt bikes. One was wearing all white, the other all black. The one in black was cute, nearly devilishly handsome. Looked like mischief.

“What is his name?”
Cassie giggled “Jake”

Celia had an overwhelming desire to warm her about Jake. Celia knew every thing that would happen in her future. But a celestial voice spoke as grey clouds slowly surrounded them.

“You must not interfere, it’s in the Devine plan. Think, without Jake, she will not have had her children. Every single thing that happens to her from this day forward, will only make her stronger, and lead her to an ultimate destiny”

“What’s that?” Celia questioned, as the clouds surrounded her completely.

She was then looking out from a balcony, that overlooked an old village. The village appeared to be medieval. She held a book in her hand. The book read “Celia” with an author. The author was a woman she did not recognize. “Amy Wheltly.”

“Who is this Author? This is my story. My friends. My family. They do not have permission to write about me.”

She rushed inside of some cabin she did not recognize, looked for a computer to research the author. Before she realized there was none, dark grey smoke filled the room again. “Are you sure it’s just a book?” the celestial voice asked..

Fog dissipated. The room revealed to be an old castle hallway. A celestial being appeared in the hallway. Celia was now about 15 years older. She was smaller in the waist and dressed in medieval green dress. She wore a green and gold circlet on her head as her long wavy hair cascaded down her back.

See Celia this is a story, a story about you. The voice spoke in echoes as it twirled Celia around. Celia was left standing in front of a mirrored holographic image of herself as she gasped. Unable to move, the Celestial being turned her again. This time, she was frozen still as the being pulled up a mirror through the floor. In the mirror was an older version of Celia, except she was wet. Her blonde hair almost white was drenched in water. Her skin wrinkled and leathery from what appeared to be many years of water soaking it. Large dark circles under her eyes with a thin layer of skin that the eyeballs were barely attached to. Her skin looked as if it was about to fall off. The woman that Celia was forced to look at, appeared to be dead until she moved. That’s when Celia screamed, but in her fear she said “let her out!”
The Celestial said. No this is where she will remain for eternity.

Unable to understand Celia was guided throughout the castle.
“Show me Derek” Celia demanded. Do you mean sir Theodoric?
Around a corner, Celia was shown Theodoric. Standing on a corner balcony dressed in a medieval red and black robe with a full beard. He looked lonely. He shifted his head as he could feel Celia’s presence, but since the Celestial was in control, Celia was unable to touch him and unable to speak to him. A small tear dripped down his face as he yearned for his lovely wife.

Unable to do her own will, she spoke softly,
"Show me Avee."

Down a stairwell, they floated. To the midst of a room, with tall stained-glass windows on the right. An old wooden bathtub set in the middle of the room filled with murky water and vines

“Your "Lady Avani”"

The Celestrial stated.
Avani was also dressed in tightly woven medieval clothing. The clothing was done in a green design and she wore a green and gold circlet much like that of Celia’s only it had shone much brighter. In fact, Avani's clothing was more similar to that of a earth witch, or even earth Goddess; the clothes perfectly confined her chest, and the bodice confined her waist, to any ordinary town mans' dream. She was beautifully seductive. She was chanting something strange. She tried to get Celia to chant with her, as they seemed to be from the same class of beings. But Celia could not quite get the dialect. In a mindless state of concentration, Avani began to chant even louder as she descended into the water. A long 5 seconds past and a black and green aura surrounded her, lifted her, and the water up with her. The aura and the water unified as it danced around her wildly while she was suspended in the air chanting loudly. Electrifying pulses seared through Celia's head as Lady Avani's voice began to echo it was so loud. So loud it woke the baby.

Baby? What baby? ….
Then I woke up and the baby was crying.
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