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Flash fiction using "this was all part of my plan"
Detective Jim Jansen (J.J. to his many friends down at the precinct) had been tracking this guy for days. The press had dubbed him the "Cookie Monster" since he first became known for robbing two cookie stores on the east side then three more on the west side. To Jim, this was just case number 25387 and the guy he just called C.M.

Now, though, it looked like C.M. had upped the ante by kidnapping young Penelope Goodkind. Wait, who names their kid "Penelope" these days and did he really just say "upped the ante" even to himself?

Anyway, this abandoned warehouse was just the place a guy like the "Cookie Monster" would hole up. What? "Hole up"? "I've got to start working on my vocabulary", Jim thought. The door was unlocked (that seems strange) so he started carefully looking around and finally found them in the center of the building.

Penelope was there tied to - what... a rocket? There were at least a couple dozen cases of cookies surrounding her. There were machines with lights flashing and making strange beeping sounds. C.M. stood right behind her holding what looked a lot like a "ray gun" from one of those old really bad SciFi movies.

"You have got to be kidding me", Jim said. "Abandoned warehouse, cookies, a rocket, Penelope, a "ray" gun? What in the world is going on here?"

"Aha", said C.M. "I knew you wouldn't understand. But this was all part of my plan for WORLD DOMINATION." He raised the "gun" and pointed it directly at Jim when...

Bill Johnson awoke with a start and looked at the clock on the nightstand - 3:15 AM. "I really shouldn't watch old movies and eat pepperoni pizza before bed", he thought as he rolled over and went back to sleep.

Word count: 300
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