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Beware naming pets for Egypt gods.
She called the cat Bast,
after the Egyptian cat goddess,
no one thought much about it
until three days had past.

By then it was too late
because the rest of the pantheon arrived,
beginning with the jackal-headed Anubis,
each wanting their hunger to sate.

She did not understand
the gods desire worship not food,
she had several cans of salmon,
but nothing less material on hand.

The first one to protest
was Horus followed by Apis and Khepri,
there was dung beetles everywhere,
the neighbors thought she was unblessed.

She called an exterminator,
who ran when he saw Sobek,
Sekhmet, Set, and Selket,
he was afraid of scorpions and alligators.

Line count: 20
Form: Quatrain stanzas rhyming abca.
Poet's Note: See https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Egyptian_gods_and_goddesses for these and other Egyptian gods and goddesses.

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