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A poem using the words from Stormy's contest but late. It tries to honor hurricane victims
Back Home Again

The drive back home was long and quiet.
Roads still showed evidence of
wind and rain from the massive hurricane,
that wreaked disaster in our small town.
Our children were asleep with their
wonderful, old dog Sophie.
They had their blankets and a few toys we carried
out when we were told to evacuate.
“You must leave now!” echoed in my mind.
A mild breeze made the surviving trees
bow on the side of the road as we passed them.
We went by the field where families
had shared a beautiful 4th of July picnic,
I made the last turn onto our street as the morning air was
building up the heat and humidity of the day.
My husband and I gasped as we reached
the driveway of our recently flooded home.
I stopped the car and grabbed my purse.
I used my only lace handkerchief to soak up
large tears that formed from my eyes.
Little Penny ran to the fence and shouted
“Everyone! Come look!”
A look into the garden showed us
how miracles occurred.
Lilacs, roses, and poppies were standing tall,
as they thrived with the good soaking they had.
Then Mikie pointed to the most beautiful hummingbird
I have ever seen in my 10 years living here.
“Bird home?” he asked with a smile.
“Yes, “I thought, “We are all home!”

Dedicated to the people/victims of Harvey and Irma of 2017.
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