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Exploring the alternate reality

The clutter of rationality blocks much of my ability to tap into the serene inner world within me. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of what it is to be without the normal thinking mind. Those are rare moments , where my intuition works the best. I rise above the din created by logical reasoning and submerge deep into the sea of subconscious. It is the mother of creative insights , a safeguard against overflowing train of thought.
Most of the time , it is necessary to dive into my subconscious to restore my sanity. I discovered there is an inbuilt defense system deep into my mind to ensure my survival. Perhaps it is the gift from God to human race , ingrained deep inside of ourselves to preserve us. It is perplexing that day to day , more and more individuals are succumbing to schizophrenic existence. Have they messed up the God-given natural defense against irrationality?
What lies beyond the conscious mind is unfathomable. I don't exist as a separate entity from my environment , but I am the environment! It is the alternate reality which is surreal! The elements in the "reality" is pliable. I can go against the gravity. I can bend solid objects without sweat. The water escapes the glass as droplets into the air! It seems that in that newfound alternate "reality" , I can defy the laws of physics!
It is a wonder and awe at complex mechanism by which my reality lies upon. It is the perception of energy , electrical stimuli inside my brain. Time runs slower as I dive deeper into my subconscious. It seems I could dictate the alternate "world" at my will. Would I be able to engineer my future by redesigning my mind? Would the resistance fall away as I break more and more laws of physics in that alternate "world" ? I can't wait to rediscover my destiny....

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