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Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2135615
she just wants him to love her, she is sorry she messed up

I've been distant, not expressing how I feel.

Thought it was too soon to know these feelings were real.

Pictures went out, and the rumors started, now,

I'm wishing that you and I would have never parted.

I thought you were having fun and talking to others,

I was wrong,

Now I 'm wishing you and I weren't over.

I was your girl and I didn't even now it,

Take me back please,

I promise I won't blow it,

What could you have done to possibly deserve this?

Nothing,I'm dumb, probably made you feel worthless.

You took a stand and you called me out, what did i do?

I replied with a pout.

I'm sorry, I mean it i know I fucked up.

But if you give me one more chance, I'll act like a grown-up.

I'll put you first for better or worst.

Stop repeating the same story like my life is cursed.

I've never lied nor cheated and I wouldn't to you.

But after that night I just don't know what to do.

Nothing happened, they say that all the time,

But it's true. I couldn't do that not with you on my mind...

He kissed me on the cheek and I called it quits,

But I bet to you the stories missing bits.

I know you and I weren't exclusive, that doesn't make it okay.

Cause we had feelings for each other from the very first day.

I wanted to talk to you face to face.

Let you know I apologize , put myself in place.

But you're mad now, I get that.

Please don't push me away!

Just one more shot and I promise loyalty.

I know your probably thinking " really shut the fuck up".

But I can't, cause I miss you, I wish I never fucked up.

Your words travel through my head without even thinking.

It's like an instinct I have like breathing or blinking.

I'm sorry I hurt you, I know this won't cut it.

But if you give me one more chance...

I promise I won't blow it.
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