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Blog about grown kids
I watched as she walked away.... confident in herself, and in her choices.

I glanced at my phone as a text from him lit the screen up, "How are you"?

What was different now?

Two months ago, the house was crazy alive with noise, lights, slamming, footsteps, water running, cooking noises, the fridge door opening....then closing, then opening, then closing, then opening.....mostly opening. 


Nothing.....silence. The TV....(and the click of the keyboard keys) but that's me.......and there's not going to be any headlights broadcasting across the yard tonight either. They've gone......both together, at the same time. No gradual toe dipping on this one....SPALASH!!! All at once, my wife and I are a couple again.

It's not a bad thing........maybe not even lonely. I'm glad.....for them, and for us. We need it. They need it. Funny how that works......just when you're at the end of your game, life wins...... they grow up...... they jump out of the nest.

I'm proud of them....both of them, and I'm proud of US. They think about other people.........about what happens when they do stuff...both good stuff, and bad stuff. They think about each other......I think they might even become friends one day. 5 years apart isn't easy, and neither is the total opposite factor they are from one another.

But......they're good people, and the day a parent sees that, recognizes that other people care about their kids, NOT because they have to like caring about the neighbor's 5 year old. No, REALLY caring, liking, admiring. It's a life altering moment.

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