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by Jacky
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Working it Out

Restless, Jim decided to go for a run to try and unwind. He usually ran in the mornings, but work had been so intense for the last several days and so nasty, that tonight his mind was reeling.

This job at Green’s LTD, that he had thought was going to be his door to the big time, turned out to be a killer. His boss, Mr. Green, seemingly the nicest guy in the world, was actually a tyrant. Nothing could ever be his fault, so every time he did something stupid, which was often, he blamed someone else, and if you stuck up for yourself, you got fired. This week it was Jim’s turn to be at fault. He’d quit, but he couldn’t afford it right now. Vowing that as soon as this was over he would find another place to work, Jim sucked it up and spent all week trying to fix the problem.

Things looked so different at night even though it was his regular morning route. At one particular corner, a tree that he had probably never even looked at before caught his attention. It was lit quite high up by a lamp in one of the upper story windows of the building next to it. It looked so beautiful, he stopped and snapped a quick picture. Back at home looking at the picture, all the tension of the week drained away.

Suddenly his future looked quite bright. Suddenly he knew he could not only keep this job as long as he needed, but he might actually get a raise. Smiling, he printed out the picture of the tree and the window behind it, showing married Mr. Green in his boxer shorts kissing his sexy new secretary.
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