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A short poem about our farm's rooster (as I try to get back in the hang of writing)
As the sun rises today
You'll loud and plainly hear
The rooster of the farm
Crow so smooth and clear

He jumps from his roost
And stretches his wings
His chest swells with air
The day's welcome he sings

The hens shortly follow
When they see its safe and sound
Flying from the coop
To scratch and peck the ground

Morning chores begin
Providing water and feed
Mixed oats, cracked corn,
And a little rye seed

As the day continues on
He keeps a watchful eye
For movement near the flock
And predators in the sky

The afternoon brings news
A fresh egg the hen has laid
They all begin to cackle
He joins in the chorus they've made

Bugs and critters crawl
The rooster searches the ground
He croons to let them know
There's food present he has found

As the sun begins to set
And the evening winds in slow
He herds the hens to the roost
Directing them where to go

Always last to fly to the coop
And always first to rise
The rooster of the farm
Tucks head under wing and closes his eyes

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