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This piece still needs lots of work and feedback. Will add more soon!
Everything was black but I could hear voices talking around me. The air felt cold and I could tell I was laying down. Images of what had happened flashed before me. My eyes opened and the voices went silent, no one moved. I squinted trying to make out the figures.
“What are we going to do with her.”
“We will raise her like one of us.”
“But there has never been a female before.” I could see four men standing in the back of the room. One was old, the others were young. I tried to push myself up on my elbows.
“Not in your time but there has been in mine.” The old man walked toward me watching me carefully. “She is rare and holds a power that is beyond our own.” I sat up resting my back against the headboard still blurry of what was happening. My head hurt and it felt like I could not stay awake.
“I thought it was impossible for a female be born in our kind.” Now the man with short blonde hair spoke. “That is what you taught us anyway.” The old man grabbed a cup from the table next to me and held it to my mouth. I turned my head away trying to refuse.
“I had no idea she even existed.” He grabbed my chin and tipped my head upwards holding the cup to my mouth once again. “You need to drink this in order for the drug to wear off.” I turned away again.
“Who are you?” My voice was hoarse. “What’s going on?” Pain slowly started shooting through my ribcage and shoulder blades.
“My name is Kytalimb.” He set the cup down and smiled calmly. “These boys are my sons.” All three of them nodded at me. One had brown hair and green eyes, he looked at me with big eyes, he smiled and blushed.
“You know who I am.” Kytalimb shook his head.
“We only know what you are, you have yet to tell us whom you are.” I pulled the blanket closer to me, my clothes had been taken and now that the drug was wearing off I was more aware of what was happening.
“My name is Raelyn Marie Carter. I am the daughter of Lucifer.”
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