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What is important in our life?
What Is Important?

To the grass, sunshine is important. To the moss, shade is important. To a bird, sky is important. To a fish, water is important. To a cicada, singing is important. To a flora, blooming is important. To a star, shining is important. To the sun, burning is important.
To a house, the most important thing is to provide shelter. But quite often we spend too much on decoration, on the location or the scenery.
To a family, the most important thing is to stay together. But quite often we are far away from our family in the name of searching for better lives for them.
To a marriage, the most important thing is to be a soul mate and be there for each other. But quite often we weigh and consider too much what we can get out of this relationship with him or her.
To raise kids, the most important thing is to keep them healthy and happy. But too often we try to ask them to live up to our unfulfilled dreams and put them too early in life's hectic race.
To achieve learning, the most important thing is to awaken curiosity. But too many times we spoon-feed them until they feel learning is not a joy but pain.
To get an education, the most important thing is to help learners discover their potentials. But too often they are taught to tests and we get stuffed heads and empty minds.
To be human, the most important thing is to have integrity, morality and characters. But too often we live on a material level and seldom rise to a spiritual level.
To live this life, the most important thing is to discover a lot, explore a lot, enjoy a lot, experience a lot, endure a lot, laugh a lot, groan a lot, suffer a lot and achieve a lot. But too often people would do anything by all means just to live better materially.
To enjoy a journey, the most important thing is to enjoy the scenery along the way, to stop and smell the roses or watch a sunset. But too often we are so eager to reach a destination that we miss them.
Life is a journey, what is important to you?

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