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When and when not to shoot.
When To Shoot and At What

The one thing I cannot stress enough is to know what you are shooting at. Shooting blindly only increased the liklihood of shooting something you don't want to shoot. We want to get our game but not at the expense of a full can of gasoline, or, heaven forbid, another human being.

When you see your animal clearly in front of you, that is the time to judge whether you can get a clear shot or if you must get closer. Never shoot at rustling bushes, sounds, or shapes that resemble the animal you are hunting. If the animal cannot be found my searching the forest or other hunting ground, get a caller and try to call in the animal. The closer they come the easier it becomes to get that perfect shot.

If you have seen your animal, such as a rabbit, run into long grass, and you see their head or ear sticking up in plain view, you have a decision to make. You can use the caller to get them into the open, or you can attempt to shoot from your current position. If you know the size of your animal, and if it has just ran in front of you, you must, than it might be possible to judge how far down to shoot to get a killing or wounding shot. Make sure you see something.

A large part of hunting is patience. Don't be so anxious to get your game that you neglect to make sure that the animal you want is what you are shooting at. The consequences could be tragic.

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