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Written for the Daily Poem Contest
Smile And Frown

You know it when your lips begin to list,
behind your smile sometimes there is a frown.
You cannot hide behind that smoking mist,
then pull it up but still it pitches down.
You even put on makeup like a clown.
It's all in there behind that blank facade.
When others see they wonder where's your crown?
What happens to your looks when gone abroad?
Most people take a glance and give a nod.
You look at self with abhor, don't know why.
It's like you were just beaten with a rod.
The tears stream down as you begin to cry.
So when the guilt sets in and cramps your style,
know that it does exist in every smile!

124 words.
15 lines.

Written in the style of Spenserian for the Daily Poem Contest.

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