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by Cammie
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If Dora was real and took place today.
We all have cartoons that we watched when we were little. A cartoon that most of us probably remember is Dora The Explorer. I used to enjoy this show, but now I just see how ridiculous it is. If Dora was real, it would be like this:

Dora: Hey Boots, check out this Youtube video.
Boots: What is it?
Dora: This guy is exploring an abandoned building. It seems like fun. Hey, we should go explore that abandoned school near by.
Boots: Okay, I’ll put the address in the maps app on my iphone so we know what route to take.
*Boots opens his app and it starts singing,* “I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map!”
I really need to find a different app.
Dora: Where does it say to go?
Boots: It says to go past the library, past the park, and then we’ll be at the school.
Dora: *Singing* Library, park, school,library, park, school,library, park, school! Come on vamanos, everybody let’s go! Where are we going? Abandoned School! Where are we going? Abandoned school!
Boots: Why are you singing? Whose everybody? It’s only the two of us going.
Dora: So where’s the library?
Boots: *Rolling his eyes.* Where do you think?
Dora: Oh, I see!
Boots: Good, let’s keep moving.
Dora: Do you see the park? If you see the park, yell “park!”
Boots: Do you really have to do this every time? *Sighs* Park!
Dora: Where’s the school?
Boots: I actually don’t see it. All I see is bunch of graffiti and gangs. We must have taken a wrong turn!
Dora: Oh No!
*Music plays as a thief approaches Dora*
Dora: Thief no thieving! Thief no thieving! Thief no thieving!
Thief: Oh Man!
Boots: I’ll just pull up the app agai- Dora! Is that your mom over there?
Dora’s mom: Dora! What in the world are you doing in this part of town! Why are hanging out with a monkey? Where did you even find him? What’s with the ugly boots?
Boots: Excuse me, but these are Jimmy Choo and they were expensive so you better watch your mouth lady!
Dora’s mom: He talks too! What is going on?
Dora: I was exploring!
Dora’s mom: I thought I told you to stop doing that. It’s not safe for a young girl to be walking around with only a zoo animal. Oh, and you’re grounded! Have fun exploring your bedroom.
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