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short story

I already know what you are thinking. Mindrunner, hah, what a joke. Well before you laugh and make jokes you need to know that Mindrunner was a legend in her days. She may not have been leaping tall buildings in a single bound, flying, or scaling walls. She saved people, but not in the conventional sense, she saved their minds. She touched the lives of those who constantly battled with plaguing thoughts. She was able to link her mind with theirs and she was able to change their negative thoughts into positive ones.
I know it all sounds so farfetched, but that's the beauty of being a superhero, no matter how big or small the feat; if it is helping someone else, that makes you a hero. In the good old days, I was able to take their fears and anxieties and replace them feelings of strength and courage. I could telepathically sense the battles they were fighting. It was an amazing gift. I know it was a superpower but I say gift because it truly changed lives, it changed my life. I loved my gift, I used it for as long as I possibly could.

I realized that things were starting to go downhill for me at a fast rate when I became diagnosed with dementia. I now live a life of confusion. My days are spent sifting through scrapbooks I made over the years. I use them as a reminder of a very good life I lived. I always was good at making things with my hands, and that has not stopped to this day. The fact that my memory slips me sometimes does not prevent me from creating beautiful scrapbook pages.

During my time as a superhero, I gave birth to and raised three children. They are all grown with families of their own. In the early onset of my dementia, I still enjoyed my visits from my children and my grandchildren. My grandchildren enjoyed sitting on my lap and hearing stories from my superhero days. They asked me questions and because I could not remember most of the past I showed them scrapbooks that helped me tell my story. The smiles on their faces reminded me of all the happiness I had brought to others.

I remarried when I was 40. My husband changed my life in every way a life can be changed. He has been a great source of inspiration and help to me all these past years. I struggle with everyday things now. As time progresses I know that I am losing more and more of myself every day. I look at my life right now and even though I am sad about my condition I realize that life is not only about how you start and how you finish, but what you do in between. I do not see myself as a mindless old woman, but a woman that has lived well, and for those people who were touched by Mindrunner, their lives were forever changed.
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