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A snippet of a story to help me get back into writing.
She was speechless the moment she stepped into the room. It felt like she’d just stepped into her very own wonderland, her eyes surveyed the room searching out every detail of the beauty before her. Five giant archways stood in an oval, each one was carved back into the wall. Intricate designs patterned the marble the arches were made from until at the base a dark blue door lay in the shadow of each archway. She admired the marvelous colours the marble created, layers of turquoise and brilliant bright white with dark navy swirls spiraling, creating life within the carvings.
She took another step and her eyes flickered down to her shoeless feet. The floor was shockingly cold but beautifully smooth, she smiled as she applied more pressure to the foot she had stepped with and embraced the shiver that ran through her body. Just for a moment she let go of all fear, worry and doubt; she let the beauty surrounding her sink in and take her to a higher, happier place in her mind. Once she had taken a few more steps she felt more confident, not as lost or confused. She walked right up to the door across the way from her. It was the biggest door with the boldest archway, but as she was about to touch it one of the smaller doors caught her eye. She walked back to the centre of the room and turned in a circle looking at each door, not knowing what lay behind them she wanted to be careful.
Finally she determined that the doors were equal in every way except the one that was a little larger than the rest. Settling on the little door that had caught her eye before, she decided to start there and work her way round before stepping through any of them. Coming up face to face with the door, she took a deep breath in and held it as she placed her hand on the rough wood. Briefly she wondered why the door was so opposite in texture to the rest of the room, but she pushed the thought to the back of her mind as the door gently swung open.
Before she even got a chance to think about going to another door she was no longer in the room. She stood, frozen in shock for moment until she adjusted to what had just happened.
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