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by Eldos
Rated: 13+ · Preface · Detective · #2139051
Detectives have finally found the connection they needed to solve the case
Contest Entry: Daily Flash Fiction Challenge
Prompt: Line, Connect, Fire
Words : 297

It happened so sudden. After month of interrogations, disqualifying suspects, and for what? For this to be the outcome?

Sasha was a 9 year old little girl, with aspirations to be a nurse. She often said she wanted to “Take care of Boo boos” so her friends would not cry. Perhaps, I was too involved in their life. She was my neighbor since birth and I watched her grow into a fantastic little girl. Full of Energy and Life. Her mother was a teacher and her father a dentist. The perfect family from others point of view, from my point of view.

When things like this happen, I often wonder if god was involved, if so, why would he allow things like this to happen? Of course in my line work these type of tragedies occur in a daily basis. However, it has never hit so close to home, not this close.

I went on to put on my clothes, badge, and shoes. Working as a detective for over 10 years makes you develop a certain routine, even when you’re in the line of fire. However this time, this time it is not a routine.

I entered the police station and walked past the water cooler to the interrogation room and there she was

“You know why you are here, right?” I said to her

“Yes” she replied

“Then you must know that we connect-“I started to say before she interrupted

“I know, I know, just do what you need to do” she said

“How could you Dianne? She was your daughter, she was-“I expressed intently

“She was my world” she said chocking on her words.

We placed her under arrest. However with her testimony, we were able to convict her Husband for the death of Sasha.
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