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Those who dream by day are more aware.
“They, who dream by day, are cognizant of many
  things which escape those who only dream by night.”
  ~Edgar Allan Poe

Those who dream beyond the night
are destined to have better sight.
A dream by day makes one aware
of why we breathe the precious air.

The night is full of dreams for sure;
within subconscious they occur.
Yet in the day the conscious mind
dreams of so many things to find.

More cognizant day dreamers dream,
in crowded rooms or by a stream.
Made well aware of sight and sound
because old sleep is not around.

Night dreamers let the mind run forth;
at first it's south, but then it’s north.
It’s auto-pilot for the brain
without constructive goal to gain.

Achievers often forgo sleep
for fear of getting in too deep
where consciousness will not have leave
among the dreams of make-believe.

Thus, with a yawn and eyes all red,
achievers often shun the bed
and go about their merry way—
they dream aware throughout the day.

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