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A prayer poem inspired by the Psalms
Come Holy Spirit
Come back to my heart
You renew my soul, make it strong
You are in me, I can't do wrong
I shall praise you with a song
And those before mute
now join me, you help them sing
Wake the harp, take the flute!
Hallelujah! Lord is forgiving!

Come Holy Spirit
Come to purify my mind
I've been bad, make me kind
Scold me, my Heavenly Dad
Give me patience Jesus had
Help me respect my gentle mother
May my mouth bless, not curse and bother
Oh Holy Spirit, be my wisdom
I dream home of heavenly kingdom

Come Holy Spirit
Come to secular kings
And take away their misgiving
Make them bow you, not mammon untrue
Make them vow you they follow your law
But they're astray, injustice I saw
Lord your people pray, every night and day
Spirit of love, take our pain away
Be with the poor and open heaven's door

Come Holy Spirit
Teach us righteous love
Remind what passion means
Blood of Christ, keep my being clean
Love is generous, I'm here to give it
That makes angels sing in heaven above
God's mercy on earth is coming
Hallelujah! Love never gets bitter
Hallelujah! Rejoice, play the zither
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