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About a topic most people are experts in, a writer having writer's block
Dear Writer's Block,

Wow, you really did it this time. You decided to arrive in the middle of an inspiration river. A flow of ultimate genius. Now all I can type on the page is... ummm, sooo. Now I have to go do something else, when all I want to do is write. You have the worst timing. Like in the first quarter of freshman year, I could not finish that essay in the amount of time given, because of YOU. So...ummm... there you go again. I can't even think of more words to write. Why, are you like this ? My mind goes numb. My muse stops muttering in my ear. I feel useless and annoyed. Angry and upset. I write horrible fiction with you around. I wish I could give you a restraining order. Or maybe chuck you into the ocean. Something to get you far away from me. So please dude, take a break. We're all sick of seeing you. Just do us writers a favor and go away.

Yours in...uhhh...ink,

G. Goughnour
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