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The Fill in the blanks story continues on with the 207th entry through the 317th entry.
Once upon a time there was a _________________________. Everyday,_____________________________. One day,_________________________. Because of that,____________________________. Until finally,____________________________.

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The epic stories continue on here -

207th Entry -
Once upon a time the was a galaxy far far away. Everyday that galaxy would try so hard to grow to become the strongest most powerful galaxy in the universe. One day the workers inside this galaxy that were the reason for it's growth and strength started to fatigue. The galaxy's expansion was too fast for the workers to keep up with. They started to feel overworked and under-appreciated. Because of that the galaxy stagnated. Because of the stagnation the workers were able to observe just how small they were in comparison to the great big universe. That spawned a depression until finally the the galaxy imploded in a space-cloud of space-dust. By:J. Elmore

208th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a great leader who wanted his people to be the smartest, strongest, most wealthy people on Earth. Everyday, The Great Leader went out to the balcony of his palace and spoke to thousands of them. But instead of tell the truth, The Great Leader would lie to his people, making everyone believe that they really were the greatest, when in fact they were not. One day, a soldier escaped The Great Leader's Kingdom, being mortally wounded by his own brothers during his daring attempt. On his death bed, the soldier told the rest of the world how horrible his country really was, without his Leader's lies there to trick them. Because of that, The Great Leader decided to punish his people by telling them even more lies, ending their contact with the rest of the world so they wouldn't hear the truth the soldier had revealed. Over time, things got so bad for the people living in The Great Leader's kingdom that the rest of the world decided it had to step in. They went to The Great Leader's country and told his people what things were really like until everyone decided he wasn't such a great leader after all. Finally, after watching his country's legacy fade, and his people learn to hate him, the once great leader decided he could do only one thing. So he used the most powerful weapon he had to destroy himself, and all the people that once belonged to him, in a final flash of light: so that the world would forever remember, that 'he' was the last great ruler, of a once great Kingdom. By:J.M. Arlen

209th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a dog named Max and he could talk to his person. Everyday, they would go out for a search and rescue and their team was the best. One day, Max found a little girl who passed away during the cold, dark night. The little girl was no more than six years old. Max laid down next to her and called to his owner. Because of that, Max needed time off to heal his broken heart. Max blamed himself for not finding her in time. Until finally, Max talked to his owner who said that he was the best of the best and he has saved more people and this little girl, painful as it was, died of natural causes. Max's owner understands that he is heart broken but encourages him to continue his work. By:JJDel

210th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a thought of fleeting rhyme. Everyday, the rhyme ran through the mind. One day, the rhyme was gone, lost to time. Because of that, I thought to write down my rhyme. Until finally, time and tide may take my mind, but long live on eternal rhyme. By:Shade of Mirrors

211th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young girl who dreamed of being a famous singer. Everyday she would practice and practice in her little home town of Port Arthur, Texas. One day, she decided to take her electric stage presence onto the road to the Monterey Pop Festival, Woodstock, and later the Festival Express Train Tour. Because of that, after 9 active years, five of her singles went onto the billboard hot 100 list, after releasing just 3 albums, and then finally a fourth album after her death. Until finally this great American rock singer and songwriter was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1995. Surprise, surprise this famous little girl blue, who also is known as pearl is the electric Janis Joplin. Created in conjunction with Spirit_Frog

212th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young and delicate woman named Orora, who was very sad and could not figure out a way out sadness. Everyday, she would cry from sunrise until sundown, sobbing loudly at times or weeping softly at other times, but never stopping completely. Aside from crying she only did the things she had to do in order to survive. She would eat little bread and cheese, drink some water, bathe once in a while and comb her hair and change her clothes. She would sit in the sun for 20 minutes every day, between 12:00 and 12:20, precisely. She would sit there timidly, crying some and reading a book with strange letters and writings. One day, I could take it no longer and asked her why she would choose to squander her beauty, youth and health and imprison herself in her tears. Because of that, she was forced to give it some thought. She was crying while thinking, trying to find an answer and failing. Until finally, I took her hand and told her to come with me. We walked slowly for two hours or so, until we reached the beach. It had been her first time there, as she never left her house. She was so amazed she stopped crying for a minute and smiled and held my hand real tight. "I had no idea there was something out there" she said, "If only I had known...." and I kissed her softly, and we made our home there forever more. By:orell

213th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a little puppy dog named Bo. Bo was a happy puppy, but he had one problem. Bo couldn't bark. Every day, Bo would hear his parents bark. He would hear his older sister Kiki bark. He would hear all the neighborhood dogs bark, but Bo could not bark. Sometimes, he would make grumblings, but never a bark never uttered from his mouth. It wasn't that Bo didn't want to bark. He had always dreamt of being able to bark like the other dogs. One day, Bo went to the doctor for a well check-up, when Mrs. Taylor noticed how Bo still couldn't bark. She was worried and knew the frustration he must have felt not being able to bark like his peers. Because of that, she suggested speech therapy, in which a speech therapist would see him regularly, to improve his oral skills. It wasn't long before the day of the appointment with the therapist came. Mrs. Williams worked diligently with Bo. It took a lot of time to invest, but with the teamwork of Mrs. Williams and Bo's mother, he made progress. The progress was slow at first. Bo worked so hard. Day and night he practiced, practiced and practiced. There were times, Bo wanted to give up and quit, but with the encouragement from his mother, he persevered. He gained strength and determination to keep working towards his goals and dream of barking. Until finally, the day Bo uttered for the first time. "Bark" What was that noise? Yes, it was Bo! In excitement, he shouted,"Bark, bark, bark!" Everyone was so proud of Bo. His hard work had paid off after all! In celebration of his great achievements, his parents' threw a pizza party for him, inviting all his family and friends. Now, Bo could bark just like all the other dogs. By:Grace Tabor

214th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little fairy who would do her best to spread joy everywhere she went. Everyday, she would flutter around, looking for opportunities to help everyone- squirrels, gnomes, birds and even humans. She would grant wishes to everyone she saw just to bring a smile to their faces. Because of that, she was loved by everyone and they would always look forward to see her. One day, a wicked witch, who was jealous of our little fairy captured her and locked her in a cage by powerful spells. She wanted the fairy for herself and would not share her with anyone. Days passed and the fairy was all alone in her cage, thinking of her friends, who not having seen the fairy for days were starting to get worried and anxious. They started looking for the fairy in every nook and cranny. While flying north in search of the fairy, a little bird finally saw her by the window of an old creepy looking house. She immediately flew closer and seeing no one else around in the room, she stealthily flew towards the cage. Seeing the bird, the fairy was relieved. But the bird still couldn’t open the cage since it was locked by the witch’s spells which could only be broken by the death of the witch herself. The fairy instantly devised a plan with the bird and asked her to summon all her other friends. The bird flew back to the village chirping loudly. She called everyone the fairy had ever helped. And everyone was willing to come to the fairy’s aid. They all went towards the witch’s house carrying spears and wooden torches. They finally saw the witch outside the house, tending to her plants. Before the witch could notice the advancing army of the fairy’s friends, she got shot by the spears and was set ablaze with fire. Until finally the witch was dead and the cage flung open. Our fairy was now free. She quickly flew to her friends and they all cheered merrily. By:Dhirr

215th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a demigod who ruled over a small realm of the multiverse. Everyday, he plotted and schemed to expand his dimension to include the mortals, for he had a particular longing to protect these finite beings and raise them into an awareness where they too, could harness the powers of the deities. His trouble was that the realm of the mortals was strongly locked down by the dark curse of the archfiends, which could cast him into the void of eternal inexistence if he tread too close to his desire. One day, the Universal Consciouness of the entire multiverse approached this demigod, pondering his intention with the mortals; begging him to stay clear of the potential abolishment he faced if he were to tempt winning over the curse. The demigod pleaded with the Universal Conciousness to allow him the power of protection from the curse, to finally be able to attain dominion over the loves of his desire... Mother Earth and her surroundings. Again, the Universal Consciousnes appealed to this demigod, for the curse could not be broken, as it too served a divine purpose. It explained that without the darkness, no mortal could ever learn of sacrifice and loss. They would never learn to appreciate what little they have, and would always incarnate into greed and desire, never grasping the spirit of being present for another. Because of that, the demigod knelt down in meditation, then lifted his arms to the infinite sea of divine being, and screamed 'I will not let them go!, they are my family! I AM THEIR SOUL!'. The demigod burst into the realm of the mortals and spread his field of power over all of Mother Earth, adorning the air and water of the whole galaxy with the consecrated molecule of holy knowledge, until finally, every being was embraced by an immaculate transendental state, finally realizing their true nature. The demigod entered the heart of every one of them, endowing them with the power of divinity to exist only in love, for love, to love. And then, bellowing loudly to the Universal Consciuosness, stated 'If freedom of these beings means my ultimate sacrifice, see this as my offering. If adorning the mortals with the spirit of love does not earn me protection from the curse, I accept my fate. But let my family free, the mortals have been enslaved long enough.' By:J. Lee

216th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a red bicycle. Every day, the bicycle would be ridden by its small owner to school or to play. One day, the boy stepped into the driver’s seat of a red car, started it, and pulled past the bicycle and onto the road, leaving it behind. Because of that, it sat and rusted under the sun. Until one day, a man drove up in a red car and parked behind the rusted bicycle. He picked up the bicycle and meticulously removed the rust and repainted the sturdy, red frame. He then called the name of a child who quickly came over and stood beside him.
“Happy birthday, son." By:J. L. Hamrick III

217th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a majestic dragon who, for centuries had been the last of his kind. Everyday the dragon wished he could live among the humans just as all the other creatures of the world were able to. He longed for companionship and belonging. One day the dragon decided to head for a village he had heard was very far away. Because of that he often flew long into the night using his fiery breath to see the way. Until finally he reached the village where the humans awaited with spears, arrows, catapults, and a whole arsenal of other weapons to ward him off and protect themselves. The humans were given word of a fire breathing beast on its way to devour them. Because he was a friendly dragon it took little effort from the humans to send him away. He went very, far away. And to this day no one has ever seen a dragon ever again. By:Shakesbeard

218th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a dreamer who always dreamed of sharing her dreams with the world. Everyday, she would spend countless hours dreaming up the craziest ideas. Things like kid spies with exploding lollipops or the feeling of death. But she found herself unable to share her ideas for she was not only afraid of how people would respond, she was also not an artist, movie maker, or songstress. Without a creative outlet, her ideas were stuck in her head with no way to escape. One day, she was looking for a slightly more productive way to fill her time because dreaming didn't exactly pay the bills and she really just wanted something to do. With job options in her little village being very limited and her creative abilities extremely lacking, she didn't have a lot of choices. On this particular day, a friend who is an artist and made beautiful drawings, suggested that she try her hand at the pen. She expressed that she was unable to draw, paint, sketch or anything of the likes and she began to cry out of frustration and sadness for her lack of creative abilities. Her friend smiled gently and replied "no silly. The writing pen." Because of that, she picked up a pen and started to write. She feared that no one would care what she had to say but she just wrote anyway. Until finally, she decided to give it a try, to let others read her work. Her friends all said, "don't be shy!" Her writings were a hit among all of her friends. And her mind was a peace with her thoughts in the end. By:Pesky Amanda ~ Quill Nominee

219th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a tiny girl. Everyday, she wrote a poem about the happiness of life. One day, someone she knew died. Because of that, her poems were sad and about death. Until finally, she realized she should be thankful for her life.So, she wrote happy poems about life again. By:purple rose

220th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a world split down the middle by a thick piece of glass. Everyday, one side would walk and the other side would drive so the two sides could never learn about each other. One day, A girl named Nikki asked her mother "Who are the people on the other side, Mommy? Some say they are angles and others say devils." They are people just like you and me. " Her mom said gently. Then she told her the legend of the two sides. Because of that, Nikki knew the Lefties were not dangerous, and she slowly fell for a boy her age on the other side of the glass. Until finally, the Government got involved and the two were told to never even look at each other again. ~TO BE CONTINUED~ By:purple rose

221st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a cute bubblegum distributor. Everyday, he visited folks to distribute his flavorful gum. One day, his supply was found and squandered. Because of that, folks had to fill out story lines to prove their innocence or guilty motives. Until finally, the gum became so popular, the distributor could retire because the gum distributed itself. By:*Willy George is a GIRL!

222nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a snowman who didn’t have a face. Every day he sat there, no one paid him any attention. One day a little girl came by, and stopped to look at the faceless snowman.

“Where’s your face?”

Because of that question, and getting no answer, it made the little girl sad. Until finally, lo and behold, she came back the next day with a brown sack. She went to work immediately, and put on his two eyes made of coal, a carrot for his nose, and two red licorice sticks for his mouth. After she placed these on his face, she took out a corn cob pipe and put it in his mouth. He needed arms, so she found two twigs.

The little girl stood back to admire her work. “There you go, Mr. Snowman, you look so much better. My name is Amy, and now you can watch everyone go bye.” She picked up her empty sack. "Good-bye!"

Walking away, she looked back over her shoulder. “Merry Christmas, Mr. Snowman!” By:Jingle Bells Jeannie

223rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a thundershower of rusted nails. Every day, the sun’s intense rays had borne down so hard that they eventually evaporated the fasteners of my desert shelter, leaving it a collapsed pile of fallen boards. One day, all such fasteners suspended in the atmosphere converged into the heaviest, darkest cloud I’d ever seen as a high pressure front moved over the Sahara. Because of that, it rained and I rushed about, holding board against board as the storm raged. Until finally my shelter was nailed back together, just as it had started out. By:Gale

224th Entry -
Once upon a time there were three little rascals named Charlie, Lucy and Jesse. Everyday, they brought their Grandma great joy. One day, the three children decided to play a trick on Grandma. They hid her glasses. She searched and searched, but she couldn't find them. Because of that, she finally gave up searching and gathered the bowl of Blue Lake green beans that she'd picked earlier. She sat on the porch stringing and snapping the beans for dinner.She looked up the drive and saw her old dog. She called and called for the big black dog to come back to the house. Until finally, until her little rascals realized she was calling a mamma black bear! By:Amay

225th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a huge woman. Everyday singing. One day fighting. Because of that she was kept in a cage. Until one-day she broke out. The End 😝 By:Nikkimarie

226 Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a wizard, who had no name, wore a green hat and carried a short bow on his back. Every day, he walked down the same old road. He watched the shepherds from Keswick herd their sheep, from one plot to another. One day, a graceful bird chose to eat its breakfast in the middle of the road. However, it was not just a regular fowl, but a mighty phoenix! It had blissful feathers, a maroon beak and could fly high above the tallest of mountains. Nevertheless, as it was hungry beyond belief and did not care to chew, a large chestnut was stuck in its throat. Because of that, the wizard ran to its aid. The bird tried to flee, but the man was quicker. He used his wand, grabbed the precious animal and froze it with his magic. He acted with haste, as he did not want to cause unnecessary harm. However, the phoenix broke his spell and escaped. The wizard tried to explain his true motives, but the bird did not care. It flew as far away as it could. The man felt deep regret and sorrow in return. He set down at the side of the road and contemplated on his actions. Until finally, the fowl recognized his true heart and returned to him. The bird knew he was the one who could help. It took only a moment and the chestnut was no longer there. The phoenix was beyond grateful and gave the wizard one of its feathers. The wizard was no longer nameless. Blissful Tuft, the gift bearer rose from the ground and stood proudly, as the bird headed towards the distant hills of Rhaeadr. By:Marcel A. Forrester

227th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a story, not just any story, but a story where the good guys win and the bad guys lose, sometimes there would be lessons to learn, and sometimes it was for the audiences entertainment. Not all stories can be like that. Everyday the people of the world would be consumed, no matter what happened it was as if they were lost to life itself, they worship idols, and fame, riches and popularity. The people who could not or would not suffered for many a time it didn't matter who. One day a normal person, one who would worship or proclaim excitement to many if not all of these things, this person changed their perspective, it all began with the kindness from someone who suffers from being different. The person gave this main character what little money he had and said that his time here was done, he said it was all he had but a single dollar, 'how could he live in this world' thought the main character, 'with such low money, doesn't he know that money is something you worship and hold as the most treasured?' The person thought to himself as he began to question the reality of this. 'Also, how would he know of what happened to the singer, who is the most popular, who got dumped, I never heard of him before so he obviously wasn't at all popular, I tried to know everyone, fame is everything! He had no idols, what is wrong with that man?' Because of that the person in this story couldn't sleep well and ended up with a terrible and wonderful dream, in it an unknown figure dressed in rich clothes and special aura, it was so happy that he wanted it but he couldn't reach it, the unknown person spoke out to him, "Do you remember me? I hoped I could speak to you again and tell you that I appreciate the gift I received from you." The dreamer spoke out to the voice in the dream exclaiming, "What gift, I never gave a gift in my life! I have the knowledge to know that by gathering everything I get and treasuring my riches I live with the best." Answering the main character the silhouette reveals himself as the man who gave everything away, he was dead but he looked very alive, "You gave me the gift of giving, without you my wonderful gifts would have been put to waste. I want to thank you for the shame you set aside for me, and the kindness you showed to me before I left your world, I appreciated it," Smiles away the man.
"What kindness, I tried to ignore you and I coughed on you for the sake of humility, and as for shame, I stood dignified with the power of my popularity and riches!" Yells out the main character to his dream. "You went out of your daily routine and gave me a use in the end of my day, you showed me yourself without hiding and you also kept to yourself, I felt happy when you didn't want me to give as if I was going. And before I go," the man exclaims stepping forward and showing him the now healed scars from his real-life death. They were healed and it seemed as if he made them happy, "You have so much potential so don't waste it. Goodbye." The main character frowned at this and realized the error of this world, when he got up the next day he gave everything away and lived out the rest of his days using what he learned from the old man, he kept that one dollar bill, and he could feel the hearts of everyone it touched. Until finally he met the same fate as the old man, He gave away the dollar to some rich snob just like the millions of people before him, and he changed the rich person's life forever, as for his death, he got hit by a stampede on Black Friday many of the rich never got what they wanted or -needed- but the main character. Just like the old man before him he received the gifts of luxury at the end of his days, because he was humble and kind when everyone expected rich and rude. The cycle can continue forever until the world is changed, Thine end. By:Sean

228th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a little boy who kept silkworms. Every day, he fed them fresh mulberry leaves. One day, the boy decided he would like to became famous politician. Because of that, when the silkworms made their cocoons, he ate each one, the moment it was completed. Until finally the boy became a politician who spun the finest yarns. By:Gita

229th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a boy who loved to play dress up. Everyday, he would grab his mother's hand towels and place them on his head pretending it was hair his long luxurious hair. One day, his mom caught him and sternly told him, " you are a boy!" Because of that the boy said, I am not just a boy I am a person. Until finally, the mom said yes son you are. By:Carmenlove

230th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jasmine. Every day, she had to meet a guy she didn't like for legal reasons. One day, the two decided to be friends and stop arguing so much. Because of that the two slowly fell madly in love with each other. Until finally, the two had had enough of being just boyfriend and girlfriend. They got married and lived happy for the rest of their lives. By:Tinychocolatecutie

231st Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a young man who lived in a small country. Every day or most days, he would hope to leave his small country and escape the homophobia he faced there on a daily basis. He had a really tough time going through his days. He was always teased, and pelted with bottles and stones and called nasty names. One day, he was online on a gay dating website and had received a mail from a guy who lives in Europe. He had gotten many emails from guys living abroad, but nothing ever came from them. He had made several friendly contacts, even a good friend with whom he keeps contact with today.
This guy, however, particularly took great interest in the young man, and because of that wrote to him telling him that he would come to his country for a visit. This made the young man excited, but he knew it could be just like other guys who have visited him in the past, spent their two weeks of holiday and left. Upon arrival of this guy, they instantly had a good connection with each other. The next two weeks they’ve had a lovely time together, and then the man had to return to Europe because his vacation was over, and he had to return to work. This made the young man sad. He thought that would be it for him and this guy, and to his surprise they kept contact. The man was interested in the young man, as to his life’s history, and how he copes with the day to day struggle he faces in his country. Christmas was fast approaching and to the young man's surprise, the man returned from Europe to spend the Christmas holidays with him. The young and thought this to be rather odd. He knew they had a good contact going, but he never thought it was that good enough for the man to fly all the way from Europe just to spend the Christmas holidays with him. Until finally, the man asked him, if he would like to return with him to Europe and live there. This proposal surprised the young man to unexpected proportions. Indeed it is what he had hoped for, but for it to happen this way baffled him so. He was in the middle of his first semester at college. “I can’t just pick up and live like that!” He replied, “I have a job and I’m attending college which I won’t be finished with until the next three years!” “Please think about it sweetie.” The man implored “nothing will happen overnight, and I would like to prepare things for your arrival back home.” Though hesitant, he knew regardless how crazy things had panned out, he thought to himself that he must take the opportunity because he knew a golden egg like that came along once in a lifetime. He wasn’t keen on the mans’ drinking habits, after all, he grew up with a foster father who drank like a fish, and abused him as to add salt to the wound. He didn’t want to go through that experience again, especially from the man he had a romantic relationship with. April the following year came, and he was busy writing his paper for his critical thinking class. Knowing that the college would soon come to an end, he thought that it would be best leaving during the break that came after. He had little time to wrap things up. In the first week of may before the holiday break, he left to go meet the man in Europe. He had a one month visa, which he thought gave him enough time to get a feel of the country, and also living with the man to know what kind of person he really was. Eight and a half years have now passed. the young man still lives in Europe, but no longer with the man, he had left his country for. The relationship lasted fours years until the had found someone else from another country to fall in love with. The young man now shares a flat with a very good friend who is like a mother to him. Things have changed so much over the past years, with the young man having to learn a lot about life, and the stresses that come along with it especially in a strange world that is not his own. He’s still single and seems not to be in a rush to get into another relationship. For now, he’s just contented with finishing his education while trying to find his place in life. By:Malum Sibley

232nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little girl. Everyday she would wander into the forest and explore. One day she came across beautiful blue lake with mermaids gracefully swimming about; the mermaids quickly noticed her kneeling at the edge of the lake and took a liking to her adoring gaze. They spent the rest of the day wooing her with melodic singing and glittering scales. Because of that the girl came back everyday to play with the mermaids. They would brush her hair and braid flowers throughout her locks; they'd swim with her for hours on end. Until finally they invited her to live with them at the lake, now and forever more. They say you can still hear that little girl singing with the mermaids, despite her bloated corpse being found by a fisherman a few days after her disappearance. By:Evelyn Paine

233rd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a single spark. Every day, this spark would grow in the heart of the one it had chosen. One day, the spark found itself growing much too big for its small home. Because of that, the spark decided to give bits and pieces of itself to those with hearts it grew to love. The spark had never before realized how many beautiful hearts there were to inhabit. It found itself giving up more and more of itself until finally, the spark was able to see itself in all those it had grown to care for and along the way, met many more of its kind. The spark had finally found, in itself, a family. By:Humblepluto

234th Entry -
Once upon a time there was an aging white unicorn, who thought he had nothing else to offer his growing herd. Everyday, he would watch young adults, who did not want sage advice that would save from misery, and visit the young at their play. One day, a bright little pink unicorn, named Tale, sat with him and asked him to tell her a story. Because of that, other young ones came each day when he sauntered by and begged for more stories. Until finally, he found his joy and purpose once more, and the young unicorns would carry his wisdom on into the future to come. By:eyestar-happy days!

235th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a magician named Marvelous Melnish. Everyday, he would appear in a new place and time. But he never stayed long and always disappeared again before he was ready to. Because of that, he was never able to solve his ongoing problem that stemmed from the time he made himself disappear at Carnegie Hall. Until finally, he just gave up and continued to time travel until he could find someone who could help him get back to his own place and time permanently. By:dragonwoman

236th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a Japanese Goth girl who went by Raven, a common name among goths but one she related to all too well. She was 'death' many hated her, but she refused to hate them. Everyday they would insult her, hurt her, beat her, yet all she did was look at them and tell them. "You are clearly upset, if you must hit me more, if you must insult me, please do so, I want you to be free of pain." One day Her parents made her snap, they were more abusive than the children, and in Japan human trafficking, with the right connections get you A LOT of money, Her father, always drunk her mother screaming "I WISH I HAD AN ABORTION!! WHY DID I HAVE TO HAVE YOU OF ALL CHILDREN!! WHY GOD WHAT DID I DO WRONG!?" Thus, they sold her for 250,000 yen. Because of that, She was a sex slave for three years, she was the 'big sister' to the other girls in the slave ring, they looked to her, she prayed for them, as one by one they did not return, killed by the 'master' soon Raven and her friend Yumi were all that remained of the formerly twenty girls, Raven was sold to a female owner...and cult leader, the cult brought her to America, they tortured her using many MANY methods to "Kill her soul" So that their goddess could take over her. She was tortured day and night yet she held onto hope, praying to her Lord and Savior. "You will save me when the time is right, when I can no longer hold on, you will save me. She prayed and prayed Once the cult gave up on her she was thrown into a dumpster, she was found by a woman, a woman she fell for, a woman who literally stabbed her in the back a week later she was destroyed, mind, body, soul, hope, dreams, will, heart. She ran, broken ribs and a broken leg did not stop her the laughter of her betrayer echoed throughout the night, her 'execution' shown live on the internet Until finally She tackled another woman, a woman with pink dyed hair. "KILL ME!!" She screamed only to grab the woman's throat. "SAVE ME!!" She had nothing left, no brain, nothing. The woman she tackled picked her up, bridal style, held her close, smiled, hummed softly, and for two years she nursed the goth girl and brought her back to life, a smile on her face. By:Firekeeper43

237th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to dance. Everyday, she would practice and pray to God to help her become a beautiful ballerina. One day, her dream came true when she won the lead of a Christmas play and got a new pair of ballerina flats. Because of that, she practiced in her new shoes often, in an effort to break her shoes in. Until finally, she felt comfortable and confident in the new shoes. She felt as if they were created just for her. The day of the show came and went as quickly as the passing between day to night but she will never forget the sound of applause that still echoes in her ears. By:mobprincess2714

238th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a man who was famous for solving crossword puzzles. Everyday he would wait for the puzzle of the day and crack it with aplomb. One day, to his utter surprise and melancholy, the daily did not carry the usual puzzle contest and failed to carry this puzzle contest in subsequent issues too. Because of the non-appearance of the puzzle contest that always kept him busy and won him prizes, he lost interest in his daily activities, always recollecting the missing puzzle contest. Until finally he changed over to a new daily which was publishing similar puzzle contests and returned to his much accustomed life of joy, winning prizes almost on every occasion. By:Raghav R

239th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Belle who has a heart of an angel. She lives in an orphanage. Both her parents died in a car accident last summer. They were very close. Every day she would visit her parents' grave and promised them she would be someone someday. She's always the kindest amongst all. One day, on her way back she saw a homeless old lady who looked so dull and lifeless. She saw her being attacked by some gangsters and directly came up to her and helped her. After that once the old lady was calm she sat by her and offered her a slice of bread which she has just bought for dinner. The old lady thanked her graciously and blessed her. She finally turned 17 and she's always wanted a party for her own but she's unable to have one. Just a day before her birthday, a young man came up to her, inviting her to a party. She was excited but then she realised she has nothing to wear. Because of that, she decided not to go. But as soon as she reached home, there was a dress, placed in her bed, along with a letter which stated " Thank you ". She was confused but she immediately tried it on and fell in love. Until the day came .. When she walked in, everyone screamed " Surprise!! Happy birthday!! " Then a man came up to her and said," Thank you for sharing a piece of you with my mom, and for saving her life. " Finally the man fell in love with her and they lived happily ever after. By:ohheythere

240th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a botanist who would visit the jungles studying exotic plants. One day he came across an exotic variety of Venus flytrap. Filled with desire to make it his own, he dug it up and smuggled in back home. Everyday, he would care for it and watch it grow, until in towered over him. He know no longer had a problem with insects, mice or rats in his house. One day, though, he came home to find his cat was missing. After searching the house he found her collar at the foot of the monstrous plant. The plant looked down at him, licked his lips and grinned. Because of that he stayed away from the plant, until finally one night while he slept it burst through the ceiling into his bedroom and gobbled him up. By:Myles Abroad

241st Entry -
Once upon a time there was an old castle near where they called Northumbria. No one knew who the owners were, for no one ever came out. No servants would go to the marketplace, and the lord and lady were never seen. One day a young lad decided to take it upon himself to figure out who the stone castle belonged to. Everyday, he would take a pebble and throw it at the stained glass windows. One day, a pale young lady threw open the windows and looked down to see him. She looked at him strangely and smiled, before her dark dress swirled around as she turned away. As her long skirts spun, a dark cloud seemed to emanate from the shadows of the fabric. Because of that, the lad stepped closer for a better look, until he realized that the cloud was composed of hundreds of bats, swirling nearer and nearer. Eventually the cloud enveloped and consumed him. Until finally, a bleached skeleton was found near the painted glass windows, and the townspeople never dared turn their eyes toward the castle for the next centuries. By:A. C.

242nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved video games. Everyday Max was staring at the store next door but he didn't have enough money. One day, he heard a strange strident voice say: "You want to live big adventures boy?". Max nodded. He couldn't see the guy's face who was wearing a black cloak but the call of adventure was bigger. Because of that he decided to follow him. The stranger invited Max to get in a small funny car. Max passed out. When he came back to himself, a mushroom was facing him! A guy who looked like a plumber appeared from nowhere. "Come on boy, we have enemies to fight and I need you". This voice! How was that possible? But Max had no choice. He decided to help and bravely battled, until finally he woke up... in his bedroom. Next to his bed he saw a present. He opened it. It was his favorite video game. Mario! By:mabelschronics

243rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young girl who lived next door. Everyday, at exactly 3PM, she would come home and lock herself in her room. Her mother would always come and try to pull her out but everyday her mother would fail. This girl wanted nothing to do with her. But one day, her mother successfully lured her daughter out with her favorite food... chocolate. Who could say no to that? Because of that, the young girl became used to the idea that she wasn't unloved and that her parents did miss her while she locked herself away. Until finally, the relationship between mother and daughter grew and they became each other's best friend. And they all lived happily ever after! By:MysteriousMay

244th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a villain, called Beefy, who preyed upon the vulnerable in and around his area of scouting for work as a roofer. He mostly did hardly any work and charged an extortionate rate. Everyday, he would knock on doors, hoping that a wage would come his wicked way. He would convince the house-holder that repairs needed doing, ensuing no seeping, and thus stressing that his calling is a blessing. One day, he went back to the same house he'd called at a year earlier. Because of that, the house-holder's son answered the door, and new the score of what happened before, and he did implore for him to work some more, so he could secretly call the police to inform them of the roofer's deceit when they meet and greet people in their street. He started needless repairs, without any personal cares of ripping the innocent off. Until finally the police turned up and arrested him for his sin to the son's kin. By:WordsPoeticallyWorth

245th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a plague doctor with a chiselled beak-shaped mask in Florence. Every day, he roamed the cobbled streets visiting anyone struck by the black death who had not yet fled the city. Rich, poor, farmer, nobles all were in equal despair. One day, he noticed some houses remained safe, like a sanctuary. While others regurgitated residents like bad food. Because of that, he decided to do what no other doctor had done before him, visit the healthy in the hope to observe any clue as to why one could escape and the other was doomed. Until finally, he realized, it was the cats that chased away the plague carrying rodents. A new pied piper of Hamelin was born. By:SirSwirlyStick

246th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl, Victoria, she was different for everyone else. Her skin was pale as marble, hair fiery as the sun, and not to mention her temper! Her voice was sugary sweet, also. Everyday, boys and even girl would fall down at her beauty. All of them wanted her to theirs, but she was waiting for her one and only. One day, A very handsome young man came into town. Victoria was mesmerized by the way he talked, looked, and even the way he walked! He was not as willing. He, after all, Had many people treating him like dirt because of the attention he got from Victoria. But eventually she was able to convince him of their love. And they got married. Because of that, many people were angry! They felt like they were her one any only. So one night, the handsome young man was burned at the stake. Victoria was unable to stand it! She couldn't believe her ears. Until finally, she killed herself too to be forever united with her true love. By:Tris Mintin

247th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a newbie to writing.com Everyday, she logged in and explored this fun site. She found new writers to admire, contests to enter and fun things to read. One day, she was showered with kindness. Generous reviews, a surprise upgrade and the opportunity for her first merit badge. Because of that, she fell in love with the site. Until finally, she felt like a real member of the community. She wanted to holler: "Thank you all for your kindness!" and she renewed her commitment to be kind and encouraging to her new writer friends. More kindness is good for everyone. Love, joy and peace to all! By:PWheeler

248th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a weird, unlikely group of questionable elements. Everyday, they would mix and burn, or crush and blow, or some other silly unpredictable nonsense. One day, they accidentally form a little machine that chews things up and spits out leftovers. Because of that, things that weren't possible before start to become possible. Until finally, the intergalactic web of subatomic being welcomed Æ with open strings and uplifting, warm tenors. By:Virgilio

249th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a Gatekeeper named Poston, though to anyone you’d ask, he was just a street guy named ‘Port.’ His hair was unwashed; his clothes pilfered from garbage bins, and his hands and face, a perpetual smudge of filth and scars. He did have one striking feature however, and that was his beautiful, crystal blue eyes. Anyone that saw him was left with the feeling that in all that filth and neglect, God himself had not allowed a single spec of dirt to fall on those perfectly blue eyes.

Everyday he’d come to the shelter on 52nd and although he was friendly to everyone, he would simply have his meal and proceed back to his home.

Home was just outside of town, at the start of a bike trail named Snake Canyon Gulch Trail – called that probably because the town was at the bottom of a deep gorge and the trail wound from there, like a snake’s back through a circuitous route bordering bare rock face until finally opening up onto the great plains far above.

One day a rich German couple came to stay on their vacation, and of course, to ride the trail with their Über expensive European bicycles. Gunter and Greta Görtz had a secret, and although nobody in America – North or South– would have recognised what that secret was (aside, of course for university professors or priests and the like) Port very much did!

The gate that Port kept, or guarded, or whatever he did after the town when about its business, led to Hell and although Port wasn’t exactly an upstanding citizen, he certainly wasn’t a God damn demon, nor did he go in for such non-sense either.

As it turns our, Gunter and Greta had souls with them, in a red satchel I believe. Now this part is very sharp in my mind, after all, everyone knows that Europeans are prone to carrying satchels – not purses, clutches or man-purses like we Americans do.

Because of that, Port found himself in the position of being the last line of defence between these hapless bastards finding redemption or eternal life without air-conditioning. Now understand that he’d been in this position for centuries, and had looked rather odd when the natives had passed through hundreds of years previous. Seeing a dishevelled white man sitting on a trail in the middle of nowhere was bound to throw people off, and the Lakota weren’t any exception. This went on – as I’ve said, for a rather long time – and to be fair, not a lot of people tried to get to Hell through this path, most using the one alcohol, drug addiction or binge watching The Walking Dead provides – but I digress.

Until finally on this day – it was early July I think - (Message redacted as persons or situations involved are likely to reveal details not in line with the overall security of this nation and its intelligence agencies.) By:Mic

250th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Anne who liked to spend time talking to plants and animals even though she knew they would never respond to her. Every day, she would wake up and greet her beloved dandelions and tulips and, at school, she would always spend her time near the oak tree, whispering things that concerned her and asking for its opinion. One day, a kid came near her and asked her why she always spoke to the trees and animals. She told her that because of that she would have no friends in the future and that she will spend her life alone. "But I have my flowers. And they will never leave me. I will always have them listening to me and caring about me". Because of that, the children at school condemned Anne as a foolish girl to whom they should never talk to. Nobody would talk to her for weeks and weeks to come. Until finally, they understood what she had told them. It was only the small flowers that would care about her and listen to her. All her friends had abandoned her and so it is only to the flowers that she could speak. By:Christiana Galani

251st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little fairy dancing in a meadow. No one could see her but a young boy. Everyday, he hid behind a fallen tree trunk and watched the little fairy dancing to a music that chimed as airy and light as her delicate dress swaying with every turn of her slender body. In his hiding place, the boy began to sway too. The music seemed to fill every ounce of his being. But then, he stopped. Looking down at his torn, washed-out, much-too-short pants, his skinny legs and dirty feet, he felt shame and sorrow. Never. Never would he ever dance with an ethereal creature like her. If she could see him, she would disappear. His longing sighs seemed to fill the meadow. And yet, the fairy danced on. One day, the young boy arrived late at the meadow. The sun was setting, adorning the horizon with spectacular glows of red and orange, with silver streaks reaching like feathers towards the snow capped mountains. Because of that, he got distracted. He jumped at the sound of a crystal-clear voice beside him, “Want to dance with me? Dance, until we reach the horizon?” Eyes wide, he looked at the fairy. She floated beside him in all her beauty, leaving him breathless. The shimmer of her wings, her sky-blue eyes and her dress swaying with the slightest movement of her body. He was frozen, still. Smiling, she beckoned, “Come, beautiful boy, dance with me.” Hesitating, he took one step, then another, and another, and with every step his appearance changed. Until finally, his beauty matched hers. Joining hands, they danced, feather like, into the silver-lined horizon. By:Anne Arthur

252nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a fellow. Everyday, he shod a Cinderello. One day, caught a foot virus. Because of that, tendonitis. Until finally he played his chello. By:AlwaysABride

253rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young girl. Everyday she put on a face to make people like her. One day she tried Xanax do make her "friend" Aliya like her. Because of that she got kicked of the track team and lost her one real friend she had. Because of that she learned that she should not have to do what people tell her to for them to like her. If she lost them because of that than they are not rel friends. By:victorialuna

254th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a man named Dick Casey. Everyday, he met with broads who slid him some spinach to find their lost sisters or a flattie would toss him some berries to help catch the latest serial killer.

One day, Casey pulled the collar of his overcoat up, smashed his fedora on his head, and hurried out to put the screws on a goon by the name of One Eyed Bart. Casey suspected the cat was working with Big Eddy down at the docks. And they weren't bringing in fish.

"Hey there, Bart," Casey growled, stepping out of the shadows behind the old hash house. Bart dropped his gasper and reached for his bean shooter. Casey lifted his own gat and shook his head.

"No need to burn powder. I ain't lookin' to haul you to the big house. I'm here for the rumble on a catch Big Eddy is expecting tonight."

"I ain't no stoolie," Bart spit onto the alley floor.

Casey slowly reached into his pocket, pulled out a yard, and held it out to Bart.

"I ain't interested in yer scratch, neither. Kale ain't no good to a stiff." Bart sneered. "Now if you don't mind, it's time fer me to drift. Got an appointment to keep, you know." Casey's gaze narrowed as Bart's backside disappeared inside the restaurant.

"Because of that," Casey mumbled, stuffing the cabbage back into his pocket, "I'm gonna have to to tip a few with Max." Casey sighed at the thought.

Casey tossed some sugar at a hack. "Fifth and Garfield," he told the cabbie. Tina's was the most popular gin mill on the east side of town. It was also the best place to find Max on a Friday night.


He grinned as Max sauntered toward him, fingering the ice around her pipes. "It's been a long time since we've bumped gums," she purred. She grabbed his arm and leaned in to smack his mug, leaving behind a red smudge of lipstick.

"Tina, how 'bout a cup of joe?" Casey sank onto a barstool, forcing Max to release his arm.

"And I'll have a jorum of skee," Max winked, "Since my friend here is paying."

Casey sipped his javva, "Word on the street is there's a certain party goin' down at the docks tonight." Casey stared at her over the rim of his coffee cup.

"You're putting me behind the eight ball, Casey. You know what'll happen if I sing..." she trailed off, her lips puckering into a pout.

Casey bought her another round until finally, Max pulled a card from her bosom, grinned, and slid it across the counter. "I might be a bunny but you're just too cute to resist."

With a frown, Casey took a slant at the scribbles on the card. "Thanks for the drinks, toots."

According to Max's information, the big event was supposed to take place at seven in the evening. Casey took to the shadows at six. With narrowed eyes he watched as men started creeping onto the docks.

"You've been made, Casey!"

Casey jumped and swore as a Roscoe pressed against his back.

"Hey, boys!" the voice called, "Look what the cat drug in!"

With a rough nudge, Casey was encouraged to move forward. His eyes flickered over the group of people gathered at the dock. Their eyes narrowed as he stepped from the shadows.

"Dang it, Casey!" Big Eddy grumbled, crossing his arms over his massive chest, "This was supposed to be your surprise birthday party!"

As the gun shifted away from Casey's back, he tipped his hat at his friends and family, "Surprise!" By:Genipher

255th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a writer who had writers’ block. Every day, this writer would wake up with his mind set on writing. And every day he would be unable to write a single word on a piece of paper no matter how hard he tried. One day, the writer began to pray that his ability to write would return. He prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed some more. Nothing happened on his paper. It remained blank. However, every prayer that he prayed was recorded on his computer, and when he stopped praying and had totally given up. He opened his eyes, looked at his computer, and was totally amazed that every one of his prayers had been recorded. Because of that, the writer never took pen to paper again, but always talked to his computer where his every thought was recorded, read and edited. Until finally, his writings were turned into a number one best seller in the neighborhood Christian bookstore, and he never suffered from writers’ block again. By:G. B. Williams

256th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young boy named Thomas Cole. Every day he would pass by a seemingly innocuous looking cave on his way to school. One day he heard a curious rustling sound deep in the dark throat of that very same cave. Because of that he decided he would postpone his trip to school for some cave exploring. He entered the cave with some trepidation but remembered he hadn't completed his home work and immediately decided this would be far more interesting than any history assignment. Until finally he started to realize he wasn't the only one in the cave. Something sinister was in there with him. By:T.L.Finch

257th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a poor man looking for work to feed his family. Everyday, he stood in the labor hall waiting to be hired for any job. He was constantly over looked because he was not like the other men. No one would hire him. One day, there was work no one else wanted to do. It was nasty, smelly, back breaking work. The man did it with pride. Because of that, he was able to feed his family that day. He went back into the labor hall and waited for another job no one wanted to do, and again he did it well. Until finally, people hired him not for the color of his skin but for the work he did. By:Joe DeLucia

258th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a wicked college instructor. Every day she would torture her students with rules. Students had to sign contracts at the beginning of the semester agreeing to abide by her absurd classroom rules, in order to stay in class and complete the course. The list of classroom rules was as follows:

1. Be respectful to me and your classmates. To gain respect, one must give respect.

2. Cell phones are to be turned off and placed in backpack. Withdrawal symptoms will dissipate in 3 days

3. Be ethical. This means no cheating, no plagiarism, no lying, and knowing right from wrong.

4. No sleeping in class, and no rolling of eyeballs

5. No talking or whispering in class. I can read lips.

6. There are no excuses allowed for missing class unless you are having emergency brain surgery, or are hemorrhaging from every one of your body orifices.

7. No one ever said life is fair. So get over it and stop your whining.

One day last week, like radar, my hearing zoomed to a particular student who was muttering obscenities about the course and me. I abruptly stopped lecture, and the rest of the class immediately came out of their stupors.

“Mr. Holland, would you care to share your comments with the class?’ I politely asked.

He did not answer me but tried to stare a hole through me. I stared just as fiercely at him, trying not to lick my lips in anticipation at eating him alive. The rest of the class collectively held their breath in anticipation. Because of the unacceptable behavior and his refusing to answer me, I called Security to remove him from the class. The stare down contest continued until finally, someone from Security came into my classroom.

As he was being escorted by Security to the door, I said, “Mr. Holland, it would behoove you to become a part of the solution in this decaying society, instead of being an intensive pain in the ass. The students roared in laughter.

I am happy to report that Mr. Holland learned a life lesson. He learned that with every action, there is a consequence, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

He has since been an exemplary and stellar student. By:Mari McKee

259th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a very beautiful magic Thai mushroom from Koh Samui. Everyday, Lonnie Fong sprayed misting water. One day, the flush sprouted. Because of that, Lonnie Fong harvested and planted again. Until finally, Lonnie Fong sold so many flush magic mushrooms to the USA that he became a very rich billionaire! By:Tleaf

260th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a momma bird who worked tirelessly everyday at getting the same worm to feed her babies. One day, the worm finally broke free of the hard ground. Because of that, she could make the journey home. Until finally, she reached the nest and saved her starving children. By:Tholis Story

261st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a forbidden love, tied together by fate herself. The two came from other kingdoms, who's differences have now caused a long and heavy bloodshed. Everyday, the two lovers would meet in secret, behind the old oak tree, away from sight. There they would whisper softly, just loud enough to hear, as the two kingdoms brawled. One day, while gathering on that late October night, the couple was found by old Sir. Hollow, the wisest elder for thousands of miles. The old fart just smiled his aged smile, blessing the two for bravery. "While everyone is unnerved, these two young'uns found love." The senior croaked. Because of that, the teens made a plan. It was dangerous and was littered with the chance of failure, but they believed. One night, while the Kings scuffled, the lovers pushed their way through, screaming a stop. Their practiced speech silenced even the most unwilling, and their story touched many. The silence went on, until finally, the King himself bowed to the brave characters for a moment more than quickly. The other King grumbled, but after setting apart their quarrel, the slaughter had been silenced. By:Freezinq

262nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young man named Carlos. Everyday he hoped to be brave enough to cross the border from Tijuana to San Diego. One day the Border Patrol agents were distracted by a man waving a gun. Because of that Carlos was finally able leave Mexico and fulfill his dream to live among the rich people of the United States. He'd heard they were a Christian nation and believed in loving God first and their neighbor second. Until finally Carlos sadly realized what he'd heard about church goers in the United States wasn't true. They only loved people who looked like them. They must have loved God. There were so churches and religious symbols, but they did not consider Carlos as their neighbor. By:2serious

263rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a writer, named Bubblegum Jones. Everyday, wrote enthusiastically on his favorite website, Writer.com. One day, a brilliant idea came to his mind. He would create query to draw others to his following, by offering them an opportunity to tell a simple story by filling in the blanks. Because of that, his endeavor has been very successful. Until finally,(Well, nor really finally!) in less than one year, he has received over two hundred interesting stories in response. By:Norbanus

264th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a little adventurer named Seth. Everyday, Seth would go on a new adventure full of breathtaking fantasies. Some of Seth’s adventures include: sword fighting with pirates whose ships fly across the air instead of sailing the in the sea, or Seth would discover an elderly dragon who likes telling stories of old. One day, Seth found a chest full of precious treasures. Seth wanted to give the treasure chest to his family, but to Seth’s dismay, a crew of pirates had discovered the treasure as well, and the pirates were certainly not going to share any treasure with Seth. Because of that, Seth had to fight off the scallywags with his trusty sword. Seth gallantly guarded the treasure and made the pirates flee back to their ship. With a sigh of relief, Seth looked upon his treasure, excited to bring the chest to his home. Until finally, Seth heard his mother’s voice calling him for dinner, and Seth would return again tomorrow for his next big adventure. By:Ben Rankin

265th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a young woman studying to be a counseling psychologist. Every day, people she encountered asked for solutions to their problems. One day, she decided she needed to understand who she truly wanted to help. Because of that, she began helping people who immigrate to South Africa to understand the language, culture, and country. Until finally, she felt fulfilled with her job. By:Natechia dos Reis

266th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a small female squirrel born into a family of six others. She was the last to be born and as such was the lowest in the pecking order. Everyday, her family would go searching for food and visit the neighborhood bird feeder. Being the littlest, she would routinely get chased from the feeder by her larger brothers and sisters and have to root among the husks of seeds at the bottom of the table.

One day the human that filled the feeder came out as she was on the floor. The little squirrel shrank back in fear, but the man seemed kind. He gently threw a small handful of sunflower seeds to her after he filled the feeder. The hungry little squirrel was stunned but settled down to eat while keeping a wary eye on the human. Her brothers and sisters quickly returned when the human went back inside and she was chased from her small pile of seeds from an older sibling only being able to consume a few in the short time the man was outside.

The little squirrel continued to root through the husks occasionally gleaning a small nut or seed that had fallen to the ground or gone unnoticed. Over time she looked forward to the time each day the man would return to fill the feeder. She would edge a little closer and each time he would throw her a small handful of seeds or a small nut or two.

Because of that, she started to put on a little weight and her position in the family hierarchy started to rise. She was not left to root among the husks and was able to hold her own on the table. She continued to fill out as she had more access to the additional food on the table. The man continued to return each day to fill the feeder, always kind with soft soothing words for her.

Until finally one day, she chose to simply watch as her brethren ran off when the man returned to fill the feeder. He poured a small pile in front of her of sun flower seeds and then proceed to fill the feeder. The man remained outside within a foot or so of her while she made short work of the food. The man held a large peanut out to her in his hand. Her whiskers twitched and her gaze remained on the man. Tentatively she reached for it taking it in her mouth and then sat back on her haunches using her front paws to hold the nut while she eagerly tore at it, and thus a brand new friendship had formed... By:sfttarget

267th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a young boy who lived in Korea under less than convenient circumstances with his less than convenient mother. Every day, he was forced to stay in his mother's lavish home all alone with nobody but him and his apathetic housekeeper to not really keep him company while his mother was off acting, filming commercials, and overall just being too occupied with her fame to even properly send him to school. One day, a strange boy that always seemed to be smiling appeared, peeking his head over the wall of his back garden while he was writing under the shade of one of the trees in the large open space. Because of that, he and the strange boy always met on that high wall overlooking the quiet garden until they were older and they realized that the warm feelings they held for each other was love; sadly, the strange boy moved away and suddenly the son of the mother who never truly cared was left all alone once again as many more years passed him by. Until finally, the boy's mother actually did something that he really appreciated and got him into the world of performing arts and he was reunited with his long-lost childhood love through a new drama series in which they were meant to play archenemies that fell in love despite their differences. In the end, they both, in fact, played their own parts quite well and made it seem as though it was real. Or maybe it was because they weren't acting that they did so well? By:Hannie Angel

268th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young prince named Percival who lived in a castle high above a small village. Every day, since his twelfth birthday, Percival dreaded the day he would be forced to marry the young girl his father had chosen for him. Magna was pretty enough, nice enough, and she would one day make someone a good wife. But not for Percival, for he loved another—a shopkeeper’s daughter from the village. Percival sometimes entered the village dressed as a common laborer; how else would he know the subjects he would one day rule? When he entered the shop and his eyes fell on the blue eyed beauty, his heart filled with love. He had heard of love at first sight, but now he was a believer. He dreamed of the day he would marry Livia. One day, Percival spoke with his father. Trying to change the king’s mind, he told his father of his love for Livia, and that Livia loved him, too. But the king would not relent. Instead, he threatened to send Livia away if Percival continued with his silly notions of love. Because of that, Percival had to hide his love for Livia from everyone, even from Livia. His father did not make idle threats. Besides, the king was well within his rights to pick his son’s wife, and the king did not take kindly to anyone who refused him. Percival would be forced to marry Magna, and there was nothing he could do to change that. Until finally, when Percival was summoned to the king’s bed chamber a year later, and he learned of his father’s impending death. When the king drew his last breath everyone left the chamber except Magma, Percival’s intended. Seeing her smile, Percival knew she was imagining herself as his queen, draped in the jewels confiscated from the King’s conquered lands. Instead, Magna took from inside her silk robe a scroll and gave it to Percival. Unrolling it, Percival read what his father had written. Words that would forever change his life. All promises of marriage between my son, Percival, and Magna are voided with my death. Percival may marry a girl of his own choosing. Percival's eyebrows knitted when he scrutinized the handwriting. His father did not add swirls to the ends of his S’s like the ones in the scroll. He also did not curl the bottom of his R’s. He had seen this handwriting many times before. He looked at Magma and saw the mischievous smile that brightened her eyes. He leaned in and kissed her cheek lightly. “Thank you,” he said. Percival hurried from the chamber and into his room where he took the laborers clothing from its hiding place. By:Bikerider

269th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a small kingdom called Lamonde Arbre, located on the island Pantazarl, which traversed the skies of Sartalfheim, never being seen by the dwarves or those that visited them. As small as this kingdom was, it was the most important kingdom in all the nine realms. Everyday they would come, the legions of darkness, to the walls of Lamonde Arbre. They came to destroy Urdanbrun, the well of fate and the only thing separating yggdrasil from the dark realm. There were only two beings that knew of this place, Freyja a goddess of Vanaheim and Odin god of Asguard. These two would bring lost souls to Pantazarl where they could earn some measure of redemption defending the walls of the city before judgement was passed upon them, for Pantazarl was no ordinary island, it was a land of the dead, a place the armies of the living could not survive. One day Freyja was captured, betrayed by her betheren in there quest for power, they wanted her know ledge. Freyja had lived a long life and her memories vast, they took all that she knew and stored it in a grimore. Because of that, several years later this grimore would fall into the hands of evil, it would be analysed and studied. Until finally, its secrets would be revealed and a chain of events set in motion that would bring the realms of yggdrasil to their knees. By:Spartacus

270th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a man who liked his crush very much. Everyday, he would try and talk to his crush to see if she liked him back. One day, he actually had a conversation with his crush and they talked for a cool minute. Because of that, he found out that she liked him back she was just too shy to tell him. Until finally, they got together and eventually got married and fell in love. By:Noahnater51

271st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little girl. Everyday, she talked to the birds in front of her parents house. One day her mother caught her speaking to them. Because of that, she asked the little girl to tell them to let her know if it was going to rain. Until finally, the little girl grew up and got married and left the house. By:Yostina

272nd Entry-
Once upon a time there was a dog named rover who enjoyed running through the clover. Everyday, he went to the filed and enjoyed his run about for a few hours, but then there was a noise. He stopped and listened and after a while could find nothing unusual. One day, Because of that, He decided to after his run take a good close look around and concentrate more on what his ears and nose could fine. Until finally, after almost a half hour and covering most of the field he found a small puppy hiding in a shallow hole. By:dogpack:invest in yourself

273rd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a small boy named, Christopher.

Every day he walked the short distance to his school with his classmates. His best friend was Dually and then there was David, Toby, and Suzie.

One day, half-way to school he spied a wallet on the ground next to a bush. Excited, he dashed over and picked it up. All of his friends crowded around, Dually said, "Open it, Chris!" That is when Toby chimed in, "Yeah! Open it." Christopher opened the wallet and there was a man's driver's license in the front. "Is there money in it?" Suzie asked, "Look to see Chris." David added excitedly, "Maybe there's a million dollars in it!"

Because of that Christopher opened the wallet and there was a lot of money in it. He didn't know how much but it looked like a lot. Dually nudged him in the arm, "Count it!" Chris took the paper bills out of the wallet and counted them. They were all twenty dollar bills and they added up to over $880 dollars.
Chris put the bills back in the wallet and folded it in half. "What are you going to do with all that money?" Suzie said wide-eyed.
Chris didn't know, he didn't even know what to say but stuck it in his back pocket, and continued toward school. They walked the rest of the way to school in silence. Christopher couldn't get his mind off the driver's license. It had the owner's name and address as well as his picture. He wanted to keep the money but he knew who the owner was so it didn't feel right.

All day Dually, David, Toby, and Suzie kept asking Chris what he was going to do with the money but he didn't reply. He just couldn't shake the feeling it wouldn't be right to keep it. Chris knew the street on the driver's license. Dually kept telling him,"Just take the money and throw the wallet away." Toby was saying, "Finder's keepers, Losers Weepers." Then David said Chris was stupid if he returned it to the guy on the driver's license.

At the end of the day, they all headed toward home. Christopher stopped, pulled the wallet out of his back pocket. Looking down at it he said, "I know where this guy lives because of that I am returning the wallet with the money in it." "You're dumb!" Toby yelled. "Yeah!" David added, "You're so stupid!" Until finally, Chris looked at them, "I am returning it to the guy on the driver's license, it may be all he's got. It might be his grocery money and rent for the month. I can't keep it! It isn't right." All of Christopher's friends stood blankly staring at him.

They all followed Chris to the house on the driver's license. Chris walked up to the door nervously and knocked on it. When the guy in the picture opened the door and Chris held out the wallet, "Is this your's mister? I found it down the street." The guy took the wallet, opened it and saw the money was all there. Then without saying a simple Thank You, he shut the door. Chris slowly turned and walked toward his friends. By:Lassie

274th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a person who lived everyday worried about what the future would bring. He would worry constantly about everything life could possibly throw at him and this would bring him into very dark places. Everyday, with out fail, our young hero would wake up and curse the day he was born. He developed a real hostile and jaded attitude towards the world. One day, on a whim and out of curiosity he picked up a book written by a very wise man. In this book our friend found wisdom that he had never realized he possessed. Because of that, he searched out more books by this wise man. Then he searched for book written by others like him. He read about this man’s spiritual beliefs and really related to what they taught He read the teachings of Buddha and tried to incorporate the peacefulness and calmness he felt into his everyday life. He worked hard at this until finally, he realized he wasn’t angry or hostile anymore. He had found a way to love his life and to find good things in all that he saw and did. By:CJ

275th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a Talented Poetry Writer. Everyday, She wrote a poem she felt it was not good enough. One day she finally accepted her talent of being a poetry writer. Because of that, she seldom wrote her poetry. Until finally, She came across writing.com and decided to become a member to publish her poetry their and write more poetry too to see what may come. By:Sharmelle

276th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a very bad disease that infected more and more people. I have it on good authority that it was sexually transmitted at first but eventually it could be contracted in other ways. There was no cure. First, it would lead to infertility. Then, it would lead to cancer. Eventually, it would lead to death. By the end of the third Earth era, the government implemented laws to rid the disease. Firstly, there were mandatory blood draws each week for all people not only to check for infection but also to track the disease's advance. Secondly, a person could only sleep with someone of their same age or older to avoid endangering the new generations. Thirdly, all those who were infected were quarantined until such time as they died. People weren't too upset. The disease took decades to kill it's host. They were sent to an island where they had the best of everything. People rose from poverty to shameful wealth in an instant. Millions were ripped from the working class and vomited into the top five percent. Everyday, more and more people from the underprivileged class intentionally infected themselves to live out the rest of their lives on Sunset Island. Many who were infected started charging bitcoins to infect those who wished to retire. One day, they found a cure. I also have it on good authority that there was a cure all along although not commercially viable. All of the people who were still inhabiting Sunset Island were reintegrated into society. They were given menial jobs much like the ones they had before they retired. Since the lower class was quickly perishing and because no one from the middle class wanted to take their place the upper class feared rebellion. I often wonder if the cure would have been found as quickly if cheap labor hadn't been an issue. Because of that, I do not want you to sell your inventions to people who will not use them for the greater good lest they become hoarded or misused. I will always love you Zorlok. Until my dying day. For years I was hesitant to tell you of the events which transpired before you were born until finally, I decided to leave you this letter. Heed my words and pass them onto your children and make sure they pass them onto theirs and so forth. With you always. X.o.x.o., Dad. By:C Dizzle

277th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Hailey Rose. Every day, she played and danced in her beautiful garden. One day, she noticed there were numerous holes all over her beloved flower beds. Because of that, Princess Hailey cried and cried. She couldn’t imagine how so much ugliness had entered her beautiful life. She continued to cry until her eyes were all red and puffy. Until finally, a handsome prince, in the uniform of an exterminator came and put poison into all of the holes. He carefully filled them in with dirt, and after a pleasant spring rain, the garden was lovely again. Princess Hailey and her prince in exterminator’s clothes lived happily ever after. By:Patrice Cushard

278th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a trio of trees, the color of blood. Everyday, the trees stood very still, not even the wind could move them. A horrible story surrounded them, stating that they were actually three sisters who had been murdered but the cruel lord of the land. The story went that the lord had accused them falsely of the black arts, and, as he had them on the executioners block, one of the sisters cursed him, that the next time he killed an innocent wrongly accused, they would punish him. Where their bodies were buried, three trees grew, blood red, and oozing the thick liquid. The trees grew for years, poisoning the soil, poisoning the river. One day, the cruel lord tried and executed an innocent of a crime that, seemed, even to the villagers, bogus. He didn't care, for anyone who defied him would feel his wrath. With a sinister laugh, he ordered the executioner to behead the boy. Because of that, a horrible screech was heard from the direction of the Blood Trees. The blood from the three trees began to flow from the branches, creep it's way to toward the village. As the blood snaked along it's path, horrible whispers were heard, wicked laughter and this sent shivers down the villagers' spines. They all fled to their homes, locked themselves inside, afraid of what was coming. The blood wound its way toward the lord's feet, and that was when the dark, thick liquid became alive, taking on the forms of the three sisters. "We are here to punish you," the said, reaching for him. He screamed in terror as he realized the curse was true. The curse on him was true . He tried to run, stumbled as he did so. But he ran nonetheless, even the the blood was following him faster than he could run. And, still, he ran. Until finally, the blood caught up to him. Starting with his feet, it wound its way up his body, covering every inch of him from the outside in. He choked to death on the blood. And to this day, the trees are no more. By:Kelly Lee

279th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was an Angel. Everyday, she watched over my family and I. One day, she prayed for us. Because of that, we are getting closer to buying this house. Until finally, our credit was good enough to buy this house. By:Poetry Angel (Sharmelle)

280th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a space/time portal. Everyday, it would open up with elongated dark matter, black holes and worm holes eager to escape into the 6th. alternate universe, skipping the other 5 universes (going against the laws of nature.). One day, this escape plan of matter, anti-matter and particles from our universe worked. The space/time portal caused the black holes, dark matter and worm holes to rip apart allowing our 3 dimensional universe to flow into the 5 dimensional one, causing friction throughout the system. Until finally, our universe settled down again with much less matter and much needed space for future expansion. The End. By:Earl Schumacker

281st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a boy named billy the bully, who lived with is auntie and uncle. Everyday Billy the bully was very mean, and he would hit you, bite you, and scream. This went on everyday when Billy the bully went outside to play, and all of the other children across the street would run away. One day fooled by the other children he sat on the ground, and he sat, and he sat, and he sat for hours and this made Billy the bully sour. Because of that he started to yell oh so loud I know I am a Bully, but I am a child, and where is everybody at, I want to play. Billy the bully's auntie heard what he said she came outside, and tapped him on his head and took him in the house, and explained to him being a bully is not what it is about. When you are nice you will have lot's of friends, so never hit scream or bite them again. Until finally Billy the bully now has lots of great friends. The End. By:Bahati

282nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young greedy prince, who got and had everything in the world, but wanted even more. Everyday, he would demand that the people of his villages and towns kneel whenever they saw him, and give him all the money and gold that they worked hard for to him. He kept this up of many years, until one day, his father died. He had to take on the role of king, and was horrified. But instead of changing himself, he continued to steal and lie. One day, a beautiful woman came to his castle that he lived in. The prince immediately fell in love with the woman. This woman was very poor, and begged him to act like an actual king to save the kingdom. Because of that, the prince, now king, took control of the kingdom, for the woman's sake. The woman thanked him and left. Until finally, the woman fell in love with the king, and they got married happily ever after. By:moonshine252

283rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a Sorcerer, who lived in his palace of vanishing glass with his team of apprentices and a group of attendant Elves. The Sorcerer's palace was called the Palace of Seasons because the exterior of the glass palace took on the color of the season in order to remain invisible.

Everyday, the Spirit of the current season went through the palace and decorated it with her colors, leaves and flowers, flora and fauna filled the air with aroma, all the surfaces were decked with flower arrangements, birds twittered over the casements and balconies. In icy winter, the walls of the palace looked like frost, the floors were like ice slabs, penguins on the balconies. In spring, the scent of fresh flowers filled the air with aroma, all the surfaces were decked with flower arrangements, birds twittered and trilled over the casements and balconies.

One day, when the Sorcerer was in his Library teaching his apprentices a lesson on Pentacles on the autumnal yellow floor, the looking glass darkened ominously. All the windowpanes took the hue of blue-black ink in broad daylight. The glass orb darkened too, and smoke began swirling inside it like a churning tornado. The Sorcerer summoned a protective sphere shielding his young students and he himself strode over to the menacing, swirling orb. He recited in a singsong voice some incantation, and two burning, slanted eyes and a terrible mouth appeared within the orb. The Sorcerer turned pale, but the lines of his face became resolute and sharp. The horrible face looked at him, and said in a icy voice, "Usurper! I shall drive you out of my Palace. Your time has come."
The sorcerer replied, "You belong to the Dark Depth. Go back, you have been banished by the OverLord for your wickedness." The Sorcerer slashed at the apparition with his wand and lightning cracked at its wake!

Because of that, it seemed, that the Shade vanished and everything returned to normal. The Sorcerer summoned the elves into the Library. Then he started an elaborate ritual. the students drew a very complicated Pentacle at his instruction, then the Elves and the Sorcerer started incantations with burning of incense and candles. This went on for hours.

Until finally, the candles burned fiercely bright and the incantations reached a pitch. Then a bright sphere of light appeared at the centre of the Pentacle. Everyone sat down in prayer and a pleasant but powerful voice boomed, " Have no fear. You have kept the health of the seasons, they dance happily through your walls and casements. This is the ultimate Spell of Life. The Fume of the Dark Depth will never win. He may threaten, but be united as you are now. He will never regain his power to destroy the beautiful Earth. " Everyone cheered, and a brath of flowery scented wind danced through the room. By:Quest-the road is ahead

284th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was an Outlaw and an Angel. A true bliss filled love story that went up like smoke by burning flames heavier than those in hell. Every day the Angle hoped for a better life, praying she could fly faster then her Outlaw could ride. One day, her hopes and prayers fell short. Behind bars, her Outlaw sat while his Angel felt paralyzed by time. A world where an Outlaw became her King and an Angel became his Queen. Because of that, there's an Angel now stands as an Outlaw and a Queen to be the keeper of her Kings throne, the savior of them both. Until finally, bound by love, integrity, and loyalty, the souls of an Outlaw and an Angel were finally set free. By:Legion Ryder

285th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a little gray poodle. Everyday, he would wander the busy highway looking for that special person who would keep him forever. One day, he went to an auction house and saw a lady standing outside. She talked to him and tried to get him to come to her. Because of that, he got scared and ran away, but something about her was different and he wanted to trust her. Until finally, he went up to her and she pet him and gave him something to eat. He followed her around her job all the rest of the day and cried when it was time for her to go home, so the next day she took him home where he lived happily ever after. By:Lostwordsmith

286th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a passionate cook using mint and thyme.
Everyday, for twelve hours straight,
He created the most delicate plate.
One day, though, he did not recieve his needed ingredients.
Because of that, he told his food provider, he really has to insist on obedience.
Such a mistake shall not be repeated,
otherwise his plate may never be completed.
Until finally, his food provider had understood the severity of the situation,
The cook had to punish him by means of frustation. By:Daniel Kohnen

287th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a story that began, “Once upon a time …”. Everyday, parents around the world read to their children the story that began with “Once upon a time …”. One day, a little kid who lived in Bastrop, Texas dropped his story book – the one that opened with “Once upon a time …” - into the Colorado River while on a family reunion camp out and musicale. Because of that, his parents bought another copy of the “Once upon a time …” book from Jimbo’s Sandwiches, Books, and Bait Shoppe on Pecan Street (near the butane company). Until, finally, that little kid from Bastrop grew up to be a children’s author and wrote a story that started with “Once upon a time …”. By:Solace.Bring

288th Entry -
Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a crotchety old man who loved bubble gum. Every day, he would chew as many pieces as he could and blow the biggest bubbles. One day, he blew a bubble so big it lifted the roof from his house. Because of that, the old man was carried away by the wind, floating higher and higher. Until finally, he flew above the clouds and out of sight, never to be seen again. By:D. Reed Whittaker

289th Entry -
Once upon a time there was an evil sorcerer named Kevin. Everyday, people laughed at him because Kevin was hardly a commanding or frightening name. One day, fed up with all the laughter and jeers, Kevin cast an angry, vengeful spell. Because of that, all the people who had laughed at him and refused to take him seriously began turning into porcupines. Until finally, there were no humans left in the kingdom except for Kevin, and he lived happily ever after. By:Ms. Penguin

290th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a massive boom. Everyday, everyone would discuss about hearing the massive boom in confusion. They didn’t know where the boom came from. They didn’t even know why it would happen in the first place. It was quiet in New Mexico until the boom. One day, people discussed about how to recreate the boom, what the boom was, and how to react. At some point, a cult was started over the boom. “The Bang Church” as it was called, spreading the word that the boom was the second coming of Christ. Because of that, there was a massive issue swelling among the religious community of the New Mexico town. They were against the “The Bang Church” and everything they stood for. The cult eventually started to cause riots in the town, as a way to warn people of the end times. But they were mostly ignored. Until finally, the cause of the boom was revealed. It was what the United States government called the “Atomic Bomb” and it was an experimental weapon that President Truman threatened the Japanese with. The town was both shocked and relieved that they finally received an answer for why the boom was there. “The Bang Church” quietly disbanded after they learned of the true cause of the boom. After all of that, the town was able to quietly go back to normal. By:netizion

291st Entry -
Once upon a time, there was an ill young boy named Andrew. Now, Andrew wan't the typical sick kid; he was mentally sick with the disease called schizophrenia. Everyday, Andrew will tell his tales of wonderful sights filled with fantasy creatures and exotic flowers to his family, but especially his older sister, Amorette, or Ames as he called her. One day, Andrew's illness made him upset; they were less colorful and interesting than they used to be, and were more frightening than what they should have been. He was still a young boy. Because of that, he started having nightmares, and it didn't help that they'll follow him into his waking hours. His family noticed and wanted to help him, but they didn't know how. Until finally, Ames came up with an idea; Andrew could take pictures of the frightening images, so that when he'll look into them, he could be at peace with the knowledge they weren't real. By:WalkSafe

292nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a Basset Hound named Boo.. Everyday she walked out on her spacious deck and looked for the black cat next door. His name was Hamlet. One day, Boo grew worried because Hamlet wasn't there. She howled and howled, but no one understood what the problem was.. Because of that howling, Hamlet stopped what he was doing. He happened to be cornering a tasty looking mouse named Monroe. The howling seemed to get louder and Hamlet decided to head for home. Monroe Mouse was so relieved he could have kissed that silly Basset Hound, but he didn't. He just went back to his home and went to sleep. Boo kept staring at the next yard and didn't quit howling until finally Hamlet strolled into view and gave Boo a look as if to say "What's wrong with you?" Then all was quiet and the basset hound, the sometimes condescending cat and the relieved mouse settled in for another enchanted night's sleep. By:♥HOOves♥

293rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a single cigarette named Raymond. Raymond was member of a community of an entire carton cigarettes numbering at 200. Everyday some of Raymond's buddies were smoked away into ashes. Raymond's friends kept disappearing over the course of time. One day Raymond found himself all alone in the very last opened pack of cigarettes. His owner had decided to quit smoking after a bout of phenomena and wear nicotine patches to stop his addiction to cigarettes, which seemed to work for him. Because of that Raymond laid in a sock drawer for years. Until finally, a friend of the ex-smoker stopped by and needed a smoke. So Raymond finally got smoked away into ashes as well, and if you are looking for a moral to this story then you are just simply out of luck. By:Laughing Goat

294th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a black puppy. Everyday the poor thing would wander about lost and hungry. One day she had gotten very sick with parvo and was near death. Because of that she was delirious and aimlessly followed a dirt road to the end. Until finally she found a human that she liked and they took her to the doctor so she'll have a chance to grow up to be strong and protect those at the end of the dirt road. By:Meduf

295th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lovely little girl was holding two apples with both hands. Everyday, her mum came in and softly asked her little daughter with a smile: my sweetie, could you give your mum one of your two apples? One day, the girl looked up at her mum for some seconds, then she suddenly took a quick bite on one apple, and then quickly on the other. Because of that, the mum felt the smile on her face freeze. She tried hard not to reveal her disappointment. Until finally, the little girl handed one of her bitten apples to her mum,and said: mummy, here you are. This is the sweeter one. By:sindbad

296th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a beautiful lady who stays in a big city. Everyday, She used to wake up and cry to God for help. One day, she heard a knock by her door, and saw an angel standing with a notepad in his hands and gave it to her to read. Because of that, the beautiful lady read and was satisfied with the contents of the letter. Until finally, she went to sleep. By:wendox

297th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a land where cows roamed free. Everyday, the cows would wander in the infinite fields as they ate their cud and grass. One day, humans appeared and waged war against the vast hordes of cattle. Because of that, the cows decided to stand up for their fields, their families, their vast systems of belief as well as their own beef. Until finally the cows lost, and the humans created McDonald's as a method to punish them for their uprising. By:M. Gene McCoy

298th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a gentle dragon. Everyday he’d sit on a couch watching television while feeling depressed and useless. One day, he watched a superhero show where a hero went around saving others. Because of that, the dragon, dressed in a canvas tent, prowled city streets at night, saving beautiful maidens from evil knights. Until finally, with the king’s knights and pikemen after him, he gave the matter a little thought. Why the hell am I saving those human’s when I should be eating them? By:hvysmker

299th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a green and gold ring. Everyday, somebody new would try to steal this ring, but to no avail. One day, the Queen of the land put out a proposition. "Every person in the land will attempt to steal this ring. There was promptly 365 people in the land. Because of that, each new person came until there was no one left, and this continued for 3 years. Until finally, one person attempted, and there were now 366 people in the land. This is how the concept of a leap year arose. By:NullTurn

300th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a parallel universe. Please understand - we use the term Once upon a time for two purposes. The first is because on your Earth, in your time, this phrase is commonly used by humans to signal that the Chai’lle (storyteller collective) about to tell you of things which happened BEFORE. The second reason we say Once upon a time, is that if you are approved to leave this Kdhaisch (sacred hut) to go our world you will associate everything you see as belonging to the era which came BEFORE in your world.

You will observe no iPods, earbuds, electronic tablets, or computers here. There are no smart phones with their related Apps, no home appliances or nor any electronics. We have clouds in multiplicity, but not Cloud system. We travel without the aid of motorized vehicles and flying contraptions. There are no artificial heaters or coolers, no power plants, no windmills or solar panels. We have no toilets, no sewage stations, and no water treatment plants. To wit, everything you use to run your modern world does not exist here and couldn’t function properly even if it did.

You are going to ask us, as your kind always do - How came you to be here? Our answer is that we know not. Everyday, another of your kind arrives, in a hut such as this. It seems the Kdhaisch is a por-tal of which draws entices some of you, drawing you here. Some of you have told us the por-tal functions much the way your STONEHENGE does on your Earth. Do you know of this STONEHENGE? Yes? Ah, good. Came you through it to arrive here? No? Alas, many of you did not. We have wondered, how is it some of your kind know of your PLACES OF POWER, while others do not? Others of you dispute that there even are PLACES OF POWER…but we digress. It is of no importance for the moment; it is a matter for those greater ourselves or even the of Chai’lle, besides.

One day, “we will talk of many things/shoes, ships, sealing wax and kings”. You know this reference? Excellent. We are amused by your Chai’lle LEW-IS CARR’OLL. We have been made to understand that he is not a collective, but a single entity, a WAL-RUSCAR-PENTER! A most amusing creature, to be sure. Forgive us, yet again, we digress. It is something of a character flaw for us. For now, we must help you to understand the situation in which you find yourself. You have been transported to our eArth for a purpose we know not yet. Because of that, there are RULES you must be made aware of and live by, ‘til your purpose for BEING is clear.

The premier, vitally important rule is that for the moment, the Kdhaisch is your home. You must not attempt to leave it. You must trust us when we tell you that to leave before preparations for your Ny’Imeptae (embracing) are complete will be fatal for you because you will die. Your premature departure will be inconvenient for us as your demise will cause a disruption the Riiesld. We’re told some from your world describe the Riiesld as ch'i. You are familiar with the term? Good, good. Many of your world fail to understand how actions they take in eArth affect us all. Disruptions can be calmed, but when your kind cause them through the willfull-est disobedience…well, this does not please us. Indeed, it pleases none of eArthskind. When eArthskind are displeased, our environments also become d ‘scli – unhappy.

The next rule then, is you must try to curb the propensity of your kind to toward rebellion for the sake of rebellion. Again, disrupting the Riiesld, particularly for frivolous aims does not please eArthskind. When Riiesld grows fractious and needs soothing it demand sacrifices of eArthskind. The sacrifices are often more punitive and exacting than your kind can be made to fathom aforehand. Bringing Hei’Nyopti (balance) back to eArth is always achieved in the end, but as another of your single entity Chai’lle - Lady Antebellum says, “It Ain’t Pretty”.
During your stay in the Kdhaisch, you must attempt to learn our language. That is why we give you our words, freely. Rest assure, eArth is your world now you are here. There is no return of your kind to Earth once you have come through the por-tal. Others have not believed us when we tell them thus. Please to live, you must believe, your departure from eArth, indeed your departure from the Kdhaisch will only transpire as a result of your Ny’Imeptae into eArth or your death at the hands of eArth. Would that we could return you to your Earth we would. Less would be the disruption of our own eArth.

Your Ny’Imeptae will happen when you love eArth and eArthskind, when eArth has found your Hu-Maaure (personal harmonic destiny) and you go willingly to your path. Your kind often thinks that eArthskind rather than is finding your Hu-Maaure for you. It will be difficult for you to walk the path if this thinking takes root and persists in you. We have no priests, no clergy, no shamans. There are no kings, politicians or nation states. There are no military entities, or law enforcement units. No thought leaders, no business tycoons. There are we, eArthskind - Chai’lle, j’ooshme (healers) and Osjikatee (makers). We give each other what we need. eArth gives us all else.

You must mourn for your losses. Grieve for those you’ll see no more. Invite many into your Kdhaisch as you seek your new path. Many will befriend you, all can instruct you. All can gain instruction from you. You must study diligently. Learn well and learn more and more and more. Immerse yourself in the eArth and gradually let go of Earth. As your grief lessons, you will become scli – happy. Until finally, eArth will pronounce your preparations completed and all eArthskind will embrace you. You will emerge from your Kdhaisch forever, Then will be your Fui Ny’Imeptae, Embracing ceremony. You will only ever return to this Kdhaisch to guide another Earthling to the path. At such a time as that, you will explain to the new arrival as we have explained to you: By:everyjones

301st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a boy who wanted a superconscious mind. Everyday, he is trying to analyze everyone and he want to be a super person who control everyone's mind. he don't share anything about himself. he love to live alone .One day, he met a girl who was over excited for every thing. childish behavior, happy nature she had. Because of that he used to talk to her.he is trying to understand this girl but can't find anything what she actually is. She was frank behavior but her imagination was beyond his thinking. Until finally, he become more confident about his aim but this time not alone. she was always there for him. he learn to enjoy life with her and run towards success. By:Shaizz Maahi

302nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lizzy, who lived with her mother in a cardboard box just big enough for two. Every day Lizzy and her mother would pack up their few belongings, fold the box neatly, and head off to a new location. One day while Lizzy’s mother was away looking for food, Lizzy found a box of crayons. She wanted to surprise her mother by decorating their box, so she colored the outside of the box blue. I think it needs some lines to make it look like bricks, Lizzy thought. She then colored green grass along the bottom. Yellow flowers were drawn onto small window planters beneath cut out windows, and to Lizzy, it looked perfect. On the walls inside the box, she drew family photos in bright picture frames. Her mother’s favorite color was purple, so she used a violet crayon to draw a large rug by the front entrance. She stepped outside to look at her creation. “What a beautiful cardboard kingdom,” she said as she went back inside. Their home looked so different. Because of that, when Lizzy’s mother returned to where they had placed their box, she began pacing around in a panic. Lizzy was watching her from the small cutout window, not understanding why she looked so scared. Her mother paced and paced, until finally, she caught a glimpse of Lizzy looking through the window. Relief flooded through her as she made her way to her daughter. “It seems you’ve been rather busy today,” said Lizzy’s mother. “Yes mommy. I’ve built us our very own cardboard kingdom.” Lizzy wasn’t sure, but she thought she saw a tear fall down her mother’s cheek as she stepped inside onto the colorful purple rug. “A kingdom indeed, my child… A kingdom indeed.” By:Sandy Aspen

303rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a growing hunger. Like most hungers, it was ill defined, known more for what it wasn’t than what it was. Everyday, the hunger grew until it coalesced into an idea. The idea was called “freedom.” Wise men gathered and pledged their lives and fortunes to making the idea reality. One day, after much discussion and argument, they declared a new, independent nation founded on the idea: the United States of America. Because of their devotion and vision, the country grew and prospered. The people became strong and enjoyed the fruits of their labors. Until finally, the idea faded, complacency set in, and the hunger returned. The people were to that their hunger would be satisfied with a slogan: “Make America Great Again.” No one asked, “Why did it have to be again?” By:🌜 HuntersMoon

304th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little yellow kite, his name was Jonesy. He loved to fly high in the sky and swish his tail back and forth. Everyday in the afternoon he would be brought out and he would try to get higher and higher every day. Swishing his tail back and forth he would try his best, but they didn't give him enough string. He would pull and pull trying to go higher, tugging on the string. Out of all of the kites Jonesy was the smallest kite, flying that summer. One day, the wind was very strong and took Jonesy very high. Swishing back and forth, he kept getting higher and higher. Because of that, Jonesy was running out of string and would soon be flying into the unknown. Until finally, his string broke and Jonesy was flying higher then ever before, never to be seen again. By:Legendary Mask aka Girlw/a💓

305th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a squirrel, who lived in the Beyou. Everyday, he played a game of chase with the landowner's dog, Ralph. One day, Ralphs's obnoxious barking woke his owner in the wee hours of the morning, and the barking continued throughout the day, while the two animals played chase. Because of that, the landowner was on his last nerve. Until finally, he learned squirrel was tasty in a boiling pot of gumbo stew. By:Warped Sanity- Thanks Schnujo

306th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a Princess who loved her diamond crown more then her other crowns. Everyday, she paraded around the castle and all over the village wearing her diamond crown. One day, she went the woods and her crown got caught on a tree and a bear chased her. She wanted to go back to get her crown but she was afraid of the bear. A unicorn came along and poked the bear in the butt and got her back her crown. The unicorn went to the castle with the crown and told the King what had happened. Because of that, The King locked up the diamond crown until finally on her Wedding Day, the Princess got to wear her crown. She only wear it on special occasions. By:Princess Megan Rose

307th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was an unusual book. It looked like other books, but there was an exception. Everyday, its content changed. Some pages were born, some disappeared, some remained stable. Their number always was the same: 1758. Whoever opened the book could read a story in their native language. And the story was so fascinating that the person could not stop reading until they fall dead from exhaustion. Many people tried to destroy the book but it had a secret power. When someone touched it, it opened a special page, and one glance was enough for the person to forget about everything and start reading. After that, they were as good as dead. One day, an old man approached the book. Long he stroked it with his gentle fingers, touched its rough cover with the tenderness of a lover. Because of that, the book could not open its tricky page. The book gathered all its patience and waited. The old man stepped back and started making a campfire. The fire did not scare the book: it had seen a lot of flames. It launched it's trap and lay still. It was waiting and giggling silently, and the old man was messing around with the cruller. Until finally, he took the book and threw it into the fire. The old man was blind. By:Ellie An

308th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a young awkward girl that no one really took notice off. Every day, she would pray for someone to come and rescue from her life that had no meaning. One day, she bumped into an outlaw who took her breath away and they fell madly in love but misunderstandings arose between them. Because of that, she ran away and hid from him too afraid to face him. Until finally, he found her and made her whole again making her realize that they had always been meant to be. By:Kesegie Moodley

309th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a half man, but mostly boy-child who wandered forth on his own, ready to conquer the world the way his father, and father’s father did. Everyday, he would suit up in the suit and tie up in the tie, and look to the mirror and ask the often unrecognizable face there-in if today was the day, or if another narrow miss at betterment awaited. One day, after one of those kind of nights were he thought he was a knight until he woke up feeling battered and discarded (and disregarded) like the tin man’s heart, the mirror answered, “to thine own self be true,” or maybe it was an old Bob Seger tune, that landed him in his own personal hell/Kathmandu. Because of that, he tore off his tie and dropped his suit in a corner and decided to write the next great novel that would show the lost generation the path to their own destiny. Until finally, between typewriter bells and red slashed pen-strokes, he realize the face in the mirror, was really the faces of his family, and you and me, and all who have realized we can only conquer the world if we stay within the accepted margins. By:Lou-Here By His Grace

310th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a girl who always ate cookies, all day and night. She will make sure she left no trace of biscuits on her dishes before she heads to bed and sleeps. Every day she will be following that routine.
A man came towards her and dropped on one knee and open a Cartier box and revealed a diamond ring surrounded with gold. It was so bright and beautiful, and on the cushion, it had bits of cookies, her mother's best dish-- actually the only dish her mother mastered.
One day, however, that all changed and it was her wedding day. Her acquaintance, her family, her friends, her husband's family and friends and what she will like to call the ones-you-invite-just-to-fill-the-place people. After her wedding she never touched a biscuit, neither in a house or a restaurant; it was as if it will infect her with a virus that she will never get treated from. On her wedding day, the seats looked like double chocolate-chip cookies whilst the tables looked like raisin biscuits and the background and the music was not one she is used to listen to on a regular day, the music was of food and it seemed to be for children. The crowd were not laughing with her at this ridiculous theme, they were laughing at her. Because of that, she hated her life and the biscuits and never wanted to do anything with them. She did not complete her wedding; she did not get to the man, or who she thought as the one. She came to the conclusion that it is impossible for anyone to admire her or love her, because she is obsessed with the cookies, the only dish her mother mastered, and the last dish her mother made. She kept crying in her room all day long, hoping that all of this will end, but to her, it felt like it was eternity.
Until finally, one day, a kid knocked on her door, he was tiny, a fragile, little boy who looks lost, but his mother was behind him, and he came inside the room whilst his mother waited outside and told her, "You are amazing, Claudia. Your mother is proud of you." He said laughing, but she realised he was not laughing at her, but he was laughing to make her smile, and she did smile. She felt the happiness that he was trying to send to her.
She looked at him and told him, "Tom, thank you for making me smile, but nobody loves me, I mean, I will never get married..." She was beginning to sob, but Tom sat with her on the bed and traced away the tears on her red cheeks.
"That is not true, you know, I love you. The others are just stupid, they think you are crazy for loving your mother, but you are not, you are precious and my mother and I will continue to love you!" He said it with complete determination, as if any word she will say next, will not make any difference to him.
"Your love is all I need." She said with a smile, "However, Tom, I decided to leave, I am sorry."
Claudia, a beautiful young lady, who weighted 54kg, with a height of 162cm, died because of the people's mocking. She committed suicide...
"She will be happy now, Mother." Tom said. By:Shaima

311th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a single cell, which began to divide. Quickly it doubled again and again until, in the dark recesses of a subterranean cavity a sound was heard. A clicking, as of claws, echoed from rock walls and a tiny cough momentarily purged the surrounding shadows. A humid mist surrounded a bulky form and from behind the dragging rumble, like a log bouncing along the rocky floor. Everyday, for days on end, the sounds grew less faint, more clear as the creature came ever near. One day, a glow began to hint at the cavern's end and he grew impatient as the light became more bright. At last he lumbered into sight. The view was brilliant, filled with light, and space and magical sense of sight, as golden beams of sun rebound from jewel-like flowers and verdant ground.

Entranced by beauty all around the creature breathed in air so pure that, even though his bellowed lungs were filled with smoke, he felt cleansed and belched a small smoke ring that rose until it could be seen above the glade. Because of that, a sudden flutter of a hundred tiny wings, air bound, drew his attention from the ground. As his lidded eyes cast up he saw the fliers grouped in units, military garbed their armor flashing, swords in hand they awaited slashing. He, the newly hatched one drew a breath and unknowing opened wide a mouth so vicious that it daunted all and sundry, but instead of fire and lashing talons he smiled which released the heavy tension and the Queen, with guard attended, welcomed dragon if his intention was as friend and not destruction.

The new-hatched one was truly awesome in his own right, and ancient wisdom held in his lineage told him of the debt he owed the fairy folk from ages past and bending scaled leg he bowed and fealty he vowed. The Queen accepted his obeisance and forged a bond, with fay-magic amended by the dragons power, and so ascended to her bower.

The dragon, even though newly made, held ancient knowledge and was content to dwell here in the magic glade until finally, eons hence, he turned to prince and Queen he wed, to sire a new age of wondrous beings to rule the then-world and thus begins the last age of magic. By:GenreJunkyAtLarge

312th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little girl who found a fuzzy orange and black caterpillar on the driveway of her home. She gently picked it up and placed it on a flowering bush in the back yard. Everyday, the little girl hunted the branches f the bush until she located the fluffy caterpillar, to ensure herself it was alive and well. One day, regardless of how hard she searched, she was unable to locate it. Because of that, she began to whimper, then cry as she searched more frantically. Until finally, her father came outside to see what had her so distraught. When she shared her story with him, he smiled and began a search of his own. A few moments later, he spied what he was searching for, and pointed it out to his daughter. He explained that it was in a cocoon where it would stay for the winter, emerging as a beautiful butterfly in Spring. They both smiled as he wiped the tears from her cherub-like cheeks. By:Patrece~ Too busy!

313th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a horse called Peg.
Everyday, Marian looked at him and thought how much she would like to ride him but that was against the rules. She changed his bedding, groomed him and refilled his manger with oats. When she could, she brought him a carrot though this was another thing that was against the rules.
One day, Marian came up from her underground cell and hurried to the hay store near the guardhouse. The sun had not yet risen over the high walls.
"Dia ruit, dial ruit."
Marian cocked her head.
"Oh, itps you."
A cheeky blackbird was sitting on the portcullis.
"You're brave today! We don't normally see you near the soldiers."
Where were the soldiers? She looked aroundbthe silent keep.
None of your business lass. The voice in her head wad her mothers. She shrugged, pulled one of the heavy bales out of the store and began dragging it over the icy flags.
Suddenly Peg's feet clattered noisily on the cobbles. He winied reared up and kicked the stabke door. She ran to the stable and clutched for the bridle.
"Woah, steady boy."
Holding the bridle firmly Marian and began to sing in her soft lilting voice. The sound soothed them both. When he was quiet she patted him gently and tied the leather cords by the stable door.
Something made her look up. A black stain smudges the sky.
Fear gripped her.
Because of that, she ran across the straw strewn court and up the narrow stone steps. Smoke! She could smell it before she was halfway up the tower. She tumbled out onto the parapet lungs burning and red faced.
The stamp of feet and clash of swords was louder than even her panting. They were coming up the road from the river. About thirty of the provost's men.
Her eyes rested on an untidy red stain near the crossing untidy red stain. That explained what had happened to the castle guard.
A grim hand clutched at her heart.
They would do what they had done in Avalon.
Pethaps the back way? Escape...
As she ran frantically she round the battlements she saw the notion was futile. Companies of grim men approached on all sides.
She ran back down into the court. Unhitched Peg and leapt on.
The horse tossed his head
"I know it's not allowed," said Marian soothingly.
The horse tossed his head.
"No, there's no time for a saddle."
Apparently satisfied Peg turned readying himself. Picking his line.
Marian kissed his mane and gave a gentle nudge with her feet.
Peg leapt forward, striding ever faster, his hooves raising sparks on the cobbles.
Until finally, spreading his wings Pegasus took to the air while below the soldiers cursed and clashed their spears and gnashed their teeth in impotent anger. By:RobMcGee

314th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a very old lady. She lived under a bridge, all alone except for her pet parrot named Squawky. Everyday, she would go fishing, and everything she caught she would divide evenly between Squawky and herself. One day a royal duke rode by and saw how well the old lady took care of her bird. Because of that, he got off his horse and approached the lady. "Madam," he said "I am in the market for someone to take care of my geese. Would you honor me by accepting the post?" The old lady was doubtful. She didn't want to leave her nice cozy shelter under the bridge. And besides Squawky might not get along with other birds. The duke begged and pleaded, and promised Squawky his own perch, but still she refused. Until finally, he offered to pay her. That did the trick, and she took the job. And they lived happily ever after. By:kmack

315th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl name Snow White. Every day, she put on her best beauty product without knowing the harmful ingredient inside each the products. One day, her skin becomes flaky, the clear skin once she had now full of acne pus. How miserable she felt. She did everything she could to save her skin. At the end she went to the doctor but it was too late. The skin got much worse than before. Because of that, her emotions become a roller coaster. She was too embarrassed to go outside. She couldn’t even see her own face in the mirror every day. She remorse. Until finally, she found ATOMY. The herbal skin care product that change her life. Now her skin is getting better and much healthier than before. Thanks to ATOMY. By:JS

316th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a lonely priest. Every day, this priest would walk amongst the people crying out to any willing to be saved. One day, she tried using reason to show the need for salvation. Because of that, the people turned their back upon her, hoping she would go away, until finally, she was met by another priest, a male priest, who was paid by the people to tell her they were already saved and she must simply go away. By:Jimminycritic

317th Entry -
Once upon a time, there lived an old man. He had lots of kittens as pets. Everyday he used to give milk to the kittens. One day he fell ill. Because of that he could not milk the cow or feed the kittens. He was disappointed. But the kittens chased mice and ate them. Finally they came to the old man brushing by his side. The old man was relieved. By:Vandana

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