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A teenage girl,Anne, tries to ask out the guy of her dreams
Anne gulped. "Oh come on. I can't even believe you. The dance is a week away, it's now or never Anne." Rebecca said. Anne stared down at her red converse. "I don't know about this Becks." "Well I'm sure you will regret this if you don't." Rebecca said. Anne stared at her friend in awe. Rebecca had the best fashion sense in school no doubt about it. Today she was wearing a blue top with jeans,and some flats. her raven hair was cut right above the shoulder. Though she could easily rule the school, she hung out with Anne. "I'm not sure I'm dressed for the occasion." Anne said. She started playing with her brown hair. "Look, it's a dance, not asking him to marry you. Your Johnny Cash t-shirt and jeans are fine." Rebecca said. Anne leaned against the lockers in the hallway. "I don't even-" That's when he came down the hallway. John Jones, Captain of the baseball team, straight A student, and the guy of Anne's dreams. She shivered. "Great, here's your chance. He's by himself, the hallway is nearly empty. Go do it girl." Anne nodded. She could do this, she could do this. She kept telling herself it as she walked up to John.

"Um... hey John ?" she started timidly. "Oh hey Anne." he said, putting the books up in his locker. "Nice t-shirt, Johnny Cash right? What did you get on that chemistry test ?" he asked. Anne was shocked he even knew her name, or remembered the fact they had been in the same science class for the last half of the year. "Uh... a ninety, I think." she said. "I got a really bad grade, my dad was so mad." he said. His eyes lit up, "Do you think maybe you could help me in chemistry some time?" he asked. "Sure...I mean, yeah that's be great." Anne said excitedly. "Cool, see you in class then ?" he said. "Uh.. yeah." Anne said. It was when John was several feet away, that Anne remembered her original task. well, I can just ask him in chemistry. she thought to herself. "So how'd it go ?" Rebecca asked. "Well, um, I didn't get to ask him ?" Anne said. "Come on Anne, that was like the perfect chance, what were you thinking ?" Rebecca asked. "He knows my name Becks, and he asked me to tutor him in Chem." Anne said dreamily. "Alright, so slight progression. You need to go to chemistry and ask him." "Yeah, so... that's a great idea and everything. But, like, what if it ruins the little progress I've made." Anne said fearfully. "Come on, we need to get to chemistry anyway. So hurry up." Rebecca said, dragging Anne along.

They sat down in Chemistry. "Hey Anne." John said coming over to her lab table. "Oh, hey John.." Anne said. "Yeah, so..." they both said at the same time. They laughed. "You go first." Anne said. "Well, I was wondering... if you didn't already have a date... would you maybe want to go to the winter ball ?" he asked. "Wh-what ?" Anne asked, shocked. He turned beet red. "If you don't that's okay." he said turning around. "Wait, John." Anne said. "I'd love to, pick me up at eight ?"
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