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"Fan Art" of The Walking Dead. We the fans are "reanimated" by our love of the show.
We Are The Walking Dead

We ARE the herd.
Thousands of us, hundreds of thousands, millions maybe. Who knows? We keep walking every day of our existence.
always we walk...
It's called the walk of life for a reason.
And we come from all walks of life. We are all exactly the same, and we are all entirely unique. When we pass by, no one sees our faces because they choose not to look. They can't hear what we say because they choose not to listen. It's like we're dead. Our comfort seems to hide from us, to run and build up walls.
But we continue our walk of life.
We walk because we are starving and can never be filled. We hunger for someone to stand up and lead us, not sit down and direct us.
We hunger for heroes in an age where even the sacredness of our every cause is mocked.
We want war with the oppression we feel pressing on us. And we want peace within, and with the ones we love.
So our herd walks on...
But then one of us, who had a very different way of walking said
"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players"
Well then...

Let me say this about that !

If so, then we being players, why not seek amongst us for the best of players to grace us with a glimpse of how they get through their walk of life.
Enter the players, the actors, the thespians...
And what an exciting entrance it was ! Picture it if you will...
I'm a cop, eating fast food on my coffee table watching two cops eating fast food. One of them said to the other " You know what the difference is between a man and a woman?"
I said out loud "Sounds like a joke"
I choked on my french fries when the cop driving said that too.
Well I've been trying to figure out the reason men and women are so different for a long time. So from episode one, scene one, line one I've been following Officer Friendly on HIS walk through life. And my daily walking has been a lot more fun since then.
Somewhere along the line we all got hooked.
And now I'm part of the herd.
We ARE the herd.
And every week the herd stops walking, sits down and watches other people from other walks of life give us our leaders, our heroes, our much needed and deserved break from the endless plodding along and we are finally...
THAT is why we are fans of The Walking Dead.
We ARE The Walking Dead !
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