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A time to relax
Bubbles Bursting

In my bath, I started to climb
Planning to spend some special time
Rest and relaxation, the objective here
In my hand, my Friday night beer
Such a crazy week, it should be a quart
Looking to create an oasis, of sort
Work was insane: my bones they did ache
Just a moment of my own, for heaven's sake
A candle on the counter for ambiance
Apples and pine, the fall burning scents
A nurse's life is filled with strife
Stress increased, as a mother and wife

Stereo emitting my favorite tunes
Dreams of filling the room with balloons
Such occasions as this are seldom and few
Home alone, my joy hard to subdue
An hour of respite, soon to be mine
My life was looking mighty fine
The bath was prepped with bubbles many
Thoughts of rejuvenation aplenty
All worries and cares shoved to the edge
No tasks would I do, my solemn pledge
Vick's applied to the soft of my temples
Headache be gone with all my dilemmas

Slipping into the tub so very slowly
My water was warm and very cozy
Bubbles embraced my weary frame
Suds they welcomed, calling my name
My tension oozed from every pore
Energy infusion the gift to restore
My quiet and peace soon to be history
Stolen by my a beast, my little Dimitri
All comfort lost with a serious mishap
An 80-pound dog jumped into my lap
Gone was my haven in which to soak
This is my life and that's no joke

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