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Several high profile women with their lives in danger, depend on an unlikely duo.
The figures of several high profile women in the best of dresses clinging to each other in fear stood in the center of a stadium, illuminated by lights from all sides.

One of them stepped forward.

"You coward! You abducted us at the party, killed every single man and child and took us in here. All the while using mercenaries. You won't even show us your face. What are you gonna do? Kill us? Torture us? If so I'm better off killing myself here and now." the woman shouted up at the vast ceiling.

Katelyn looked at the woman with a disapproving expression. What was she thinking? Attracting the attention of a madman.

Parts of the wall opposite them split, revealing the shape of a door. It opened. From inside dark room that opened up a man exited. He was generally unimpressive, balding at the top of the head with long white hair to the side. His face was slightly wrinkly and looked like you were watching a janitor.

Katelyn's eyes widened.

He looked like a janitor because he was a janitor.

"You're." she whispered but quickly stopped herself before she drew any attention to herself.

"The feds will come soon." the woman said as she approached the man. Her name was Rachel and her eyes were puffy and her mascara was running. Yet she was surprisingly cool headed in this situation.

"I have friends in high places girlie. I'm doing this and escaping to another country." the janitor, Mr. Sash said.

"You'll never get away with this, you killed a lot of high profile people and innocent kids. The public will outright demand your execution." Rachel said, she was frowning, wavering. This was a bad idea, she was making a madman improvise.

"You really think anybody cares what the common folks want? Not that you'd know. Born with a silver spoon in your mouth." Mr. Sash said. Katelyn noticed Rachel tightening her fist. The women around her were getting pretty antsy. Mr. Sash spread his arms to his sides. "But fine. Give it your best shot. I'm giving you a chance to take me down right here and right now."

Rachel walked forward and cracked her knuckles.

Katelin watched as Rachel carefully eyed the janitor's body and shifted her stance.

The woman rushed forward. With a powerful yell she delivered a solid rick right at Mr. Sash's crotch.

There was silence for a moment. The kick was making contact but Mr. Sash wasn't showing any signs of being bothered whatsoever.

Rachel moved back, making some distance between them. Mr. Sash pulled a gun and shot.

"I play baseball girlie." he knocked on his crotch with a smile.

Several of the women vomited right then and there. Katelyn turned to the side.

Rachel fell to the ground. Mr. Sash walked to one end of the 'arena'. There was a fancy chair stationed there. He sat down. As if a switch was flipped, several cages to the side of the arena were opened and lions exited them.

Katelyn smirked. She watched the lions running around and the girls running from the lions. Also, Mr. Sash was following them with his eyes. Good. Katelyn approached the downed Rachel who in her current state was still tried to crawl towards the janitor.

"Want a second go at him?" Katelyn asked Rachel.

"Watch out!" Rachel yelled as she pointed behind Katelyn.

The woman just stood and extended a hand. The lion that was charging her rubbed its snout in her hand. Katelyn gave a cocky look at the wondering Rachel.

"I used to be a lion tamer. Which is why this is convenient. Are you in or out." she asked again. Rachel stared for a bit and then nodded.

Mr. Sash laughed an evil laugh.

He watched with glee as the girls ran around screaming. One of them went to the side of the arena hoping for an exit.

She jumped back when she saw a creepy face behind iron bars. Beside those bars were more bars, these ones leading to a room of fire.

"You have a choice there girlie. Die a painful but shameless death flickering away in the bright fire, shame yourself and enter the 'Janitor room', where you will be treated like trash or die a warrior's death at the hands of the lions. There is no other choice." he cackled as more and more girls chose to enter the various 'Janitor rooms' scattered about.

"Hey, hey." Katelyn spoke out loud to attract his attention. She had several lions backing her as she walked the fastest route towards him. She stopped just in front of the markings that indicated the electrical wire that prevented lions from approaching him. "What about option four where I fire you for being a bitch janitor."

The janitor seemed shocked for a moment.

"Wait I don't know you. Wait you're Mr. Horton's wife. I never noticed you at parties." he exclaimed as he pointed at her.

"That tends to happen yes. Though I'm surprised you didn't notice her." with her finger Katelyn traced the blood trail along the sides of the stadium as it led straight to him. But it was too late, Rachel had pressed the button on his chair that stopped the electrical wire.

She pinned him hard against the chair. He tried to lift her but it was no use.

"All your big talk and yet you bring nothing to the table but this gun" the lions roared as he struggled against the injured woman. She held up his gun and flicked it away. He redoubled his efforts but to no avail.

The last thing Rachel did before the lions covered them and they exited Katelin's line of sight was stick her tongue out at Sash despite the tears in her eyes.

"Oh my." Katelyn fell to her knees. She stared at the ceiling of the stadium. Tears were running down her cheeks. "I just realized I'm not Mrs. Horton anymore."
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