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Rated: E · Draft · Action/Adventure · #2141322
Devin Sinclair, and Brian Lynn, are two CIA agents seeking the truth, and death.

Is it Bin Laudon?

Are you sure it is him?

Yes sir, it is a DNA match.

DNA can be faked.

Yes, but it is highly unlikely. Our only possible conclusion is that we have been lied to.

Bin Laudon one of the most notorious terrorists of all time was killed by seal team 2. It was in the news, and touted as a victory. But even then there were rumors that it wasn't true, that Bin Laudon had somehow escaped, or that he wasn't killed but taken by the CIA to a black opts location and tortured and interrogated, to get him to give the CIA all the secrets of al qaeda. It was true that the Americans seemed to get information that tackled the terrorist's organization like nothing before. Did they smite the shepherd and the sheep scattered? But some say he figured out how to escapee, and he was still alive somehow. Maybe he had gone deep underground and waiting for his time to return.

But it was just propaganda. His network was dead, and there was no more control from him. They took pictures of his dead body, and DNA samples to make sure it was really him, and then dumped Ben Laudon's body into the sea in disgrace.

An that was all true and we know it. Until 2 years ago.

There were rumors that Bin Laudon and resurfaced again. No one believed it at first, but then there were the pulling of strings again, it seemed like maybe he had come back of the dead. There was a man they called the prophet, and some said it was Bin Laudon.

Devin didn't know what to think. After all propaganda from terrorist's organizers in the middle east is not uncommon. It is Ok to lie in the Muslim faith in war. But if it was Ben Ladin, he didn't seemed to be making any moves. Yes he was meeting with other terrorist leaders according to undercover sources, but he isn't taking the lead. Maybe it is somebody who just looks like him, or has been surgically altered. How do we know the DNA sample wasn't old from the read Bin Lauden, and this sample was just a trick to make us think the real bin Lauden.

Ever watch a magic show Brian, some pretty maracous things happen right before our eyes, but when you see the wizard behind the curtain, the magic is ruined, and the truth can kill.

But what if it is Ben Lauden? Is it possible that it is really him? Brian said

Well if it is Ben Lauden, then we have a big problem, because someone has done something that we thought was impossible. If the CIA did it, it isn't in our records, but I even that can be faked at times when absolutely critical.

Besides not everyone in the CIA was on the up and up. Of course it was a lot better than was smeared all of the internet, and in the movies, fiction or not. The mistakes were taughted to the world, and their successes were buried and top secret.

Did sometimes bad things happen, sure. CIA agents are people too, and sometimes they turn rouge and take off in ways the Angency doesn't comprehend until it is too late. Also sometimes the laws become blury, and the USA makes deals with people they shouldn't make deals with, just because they seem to be fighting the same enemy. Then when they defeat their common enemy, they turn around and fight their friends with the weapons we gave them to fight.

Well I guess we are in for an adventure.

What are we going to do?

We are going to find out if it is him.

And if it is him?

I guess we will kill him.

Hey Devin, how can you tell if a terrorist is lying? He lips are moving ?

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