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a letter to the famous original "star-crossed" lovers
Dear Juliet and Romeo,

         Congratulations! I heard you two ended the great family feud... I haven't really heard the details. Wait, let me go ask Tybolt...aww come on guys. Really? Suicide? I mean everyone said you finished the feud, but really ? By your deaths? That was the only way this could happen? And you guys were such a cute couple too. I mean, yes I think you should have waited a couple of years before you got married, but this? Really? This was your only option? I really do not understand. Yes, I know Romeo was kicked out, and yes, that you Juliet, were to get married, but if you had told your father you were already married... never mind, I can see that ending a lot worse. Look, all I want to say I guess then, as this is a letter to the dead, is to send my condolences. Also, I have a friend who writes plays, do you think he could use your story?

Yours in ink,

G. Goughnour
a Montague to the end

P.S. Juliet, miss you already!
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