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A mid-summer's romance blossoms at twilight.
The dawn of twilight, the twinkle of a star
Eyes shine, telling - love in the evening air -
Batting lashes flirting, lips a perfect pink
Wispy ringlet falling, faint whisper of fate

Wisdom boundless, blessed tidings eternal
Voices slumbering in mid-summer's heat
Fingers engaged, toes dancing in the water
Content relaxing, gentle hint of joy

Serenity practiced, now a state of mind
Obstacles stifled, quieted with a prayer
Humor's timeliness, laughter amidst chaos
Humility's dose, a joke for humble pie

Unselfish favors, love-laced for others' gain
Poverty-stricken child, smiling, thankful
Regenerate cheer, no frowning nor sorrow
Hope prevails, the gift of creative sharing

My lover perfect, imagination's bliss
Circling around. Kisses, dainty blessings
Heart's affection, spinning melodies of dreams
Cupid's presence, love rides on the horizon

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