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A conversation between siblings

"Grace, what are you doing out of bed? Mom and Dad are going to kick your butt if they catch you. Mine too, now that I am up. Darn!"

"Luke, Santa comes tonight. I am very excited. Aren't you?"

"Sure but he can't come if we"re down here waiting for him. That's what Mom always tells us."

"I just can't sleep. I might finally get that doll I want and I really want to meet Santa to thank him. Mom always says that we are supposed to thank people who give us gifts. What do you want Santa to bring you?"

"I don't know. Maybe some Nerf guns so we can all play in the backyard like we did last year. That was fun. But I don't think Santa can make things like they were last year, Grace."

"Will you wait with me in the closet so we can catch Santa? It is very important that I talk to him. You would be such a great big brother if you did and I want Santa to meet you too."

"if we just go to sleep we will get our presents soon enough."

"But, I just have to meet him. I asked for something very special. I want to make sure that he knows what I really want."

"Okay, Grace, but what happens if we fall asleep in the closet and miss Santa?"

"I tied a bell to the dog's tail. Leonard will surely hear him and if we hear the bell we will know Santa is here."

" Sister of mine, you are a nut! What's so special? We"re going to get in big trouble."

"Maybe, just maybe, Santa might make you all better again. I wrote him a letter all about you. I told him that he could keep my doll if he just made you better again. That is really why I am waiting for him."

"Grace, I love you but Santa doesn't have that kind of power. Leukemia has to be fixed by doctors."

"Well then, maybe he can bring you a shield to make the treatments not hurt so bad."

"That would be great. I hate those treatments but Mom and Dad say they are working. And it's always great to come home after them. I just don't think Santa can do what you are asking."

"Why? Santa is wonderful and he loves kids."

"Yeah, I know... but Santa just isn't the right guy to ask for things like that."

Oh Luke, I so wanted him to bring this for you. Who should I ask?"

"Well, the best person to ask is the real Santa. We celebrate his birthday today. It's baby Jesus. That is why we pray. Christmas is really about faith and love, not presents."

"Alright, let's go to bed. I have some prayers to say. Merry Christmas, brother of mine. I love you."

word count 490
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