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by JJDel
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My first poem

I was cleaning out my room like I once cleaned out my heart. It caused memories to start. Memories of you. How you had a special walk and talk. We were so close that it hurt. You were the light of my life. You touched my heart and soul and you made yourself important to me. You were my soul sister and I would do anything for you.

Memories shifted. We grew older and closer. I knew you so well and you knew me better. There were times you could read my mind and our love for each other was stronger than ever. There were memories of all the adventures we had and we would cry on each other’s shoulders from time to time.

Memories shift again. It was a very dark time for us. You were sick and I was beside myself. I did not know how to help you. The only thing I could do was take you to the doctor. I will never forget when the doctor said you were in heart failure and there was nothing that they could do for you. You reached an age where you would never survive the surgery and I had to make the humane decision. I had to let you go and have them put you to sleep. All I can remember is crying and feeling the pain. What was I going to do without you? I remember singing to you the last time I saw you and telling you how much I loved you. To this very day I love you and I miss you. Nobody could ever fill that hole in my heart Mittens.

I love you my dear and I always will.
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