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The August meeting of the River Valley Flyers was held at Hardee's.
The meeting was convened at 1830 in the meeting room.

The following members were in attendance.

Roger, Ron, Don, Bob O, Bob B.

The Treasurer's report was given.

Opening Balance: $3632.36
Closing Balance: $3503.26

The reports were given and accepted.

Old Business:

Don: There is a big pile of dirty half way down the road to the West. I don't know if we'll get to it but we might use it to fill in some of the potholes. It doesn't look like there is much farming taking place this year. The field looks good. Don R is doing a good job on the infield. Thanks to all the guys who helped out on the watering. Regarding the issue of the Matt, I think we should table it for now.

New Business:

Bob O: As far as fertilizing, when do we want to do that?

Don: It will depend on the rain. If the grass greens up then we can put it down.

Bob O: Maybe we should hold off for awhile.

Don: Waiting until late August or September seems like a good idea. If we throw it out now and the weather remains dry we could harm the grass. Let see if it rains and the grass begins to green up. I cleaned the shed and the fertilizer tosd in bags and should stay dry. We can wait on spreading it.

Bob O: Maybe if we see a good rain forecast we can go ahead and do it. We only need one good rain for it to soak in.

Don: Is there any other new business.... if not is there a motion to adjourn?

Ron made the motion and Bob O seconded . It was carried by unanimous acclaim.

The meeting adjourned at 1753hrs.

Robert P. Barclay

to adjourn and the meeting ended at 1855hrs.

Robert Barclay, Secretary

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