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by Raine
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A reflection of one's life
I feel like indulging myself into reading brings me to a place where I would have my own space drifting into those dreams I’d grown up dreaming about. The feeling of contentment and happiness bumped into me and wished it’ll find no ending or I’ll see myself back to a reality wandering in hopes I would earn love and peace that seem to be elusive towards the ending of my journey.

I wish I could freely fly, does anything I want to, breathe endlessly, and live eternally. Anything I could to be whole even if it means hurting those who have rendered me things I have desired my whole life. I despised seeing the things I did but admired the person that I am. God had put up a lot with me when all He had to do was abandon me. Instead, He poured out on me His love and mercy which I don’t envision myself deserving of. He gave me friends who love me, a good job that feeds me knowledge and small wealth, family who protects me from the wickedness of this world, and a lover whom I suffer with yet gives me an untiring deep love and care.

Life hasn't been easier when you are in between crossroads and got to choose one you were unsure of yet hoping you made the right choice and found out later that you couldn't run your way out back to and rather choose the one you were sure of based on your first intuition.

We all have regrets in life we carried along the way. They take up much of our sanity and faith and all you long for is to turn back the clock and choose directions you should have been to in the first place.

I accepted in the long run that life is like that after all. It’s full of glitches. That is how we live. We stumble onto imperfections to meet up the close-to perfections. Impossible as they obviously are, we will be when mistakes had enough of us to mold us into much better shapes.

As we walk, we trip over different sizes of rocks and roughness of the road, pave through smooth surfaces, witness the passing cars carrying chances back and forth, run into people whom we remained in contact with or whom we haven’t heard of after a long while, whom inspired us and pissed us off, amazed at the sight of beautiful creations of God in the form of animals & plants, feel the coldness of winter and the deadly heat of summer, darkness of nights, illuminating moon and stars, squint at the rays of the sun, brightness of the mornings, and upon reaching at the end of the road, the only thing we hope for is to see the WHOLE “YOU” with hands over our heads claiming victory after we had surpassed everything and be wholly grateful for the GIFTS of what we call “LIFE”.
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