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by Raine
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A poetry dedicated to my beloved love bird pet who passed away. :(
Yesterday, you were so radiant like an angel
Vigorous like weariness can never stand your way
Always starving for boundless freedom
Never had I thought you will be gone in vain

You were deemed a simple gift simply wrapped
Never held out but placed aside unattended
Least thought you were a priceless gift one has to own
But time was ungenerous to make you stay longer

Today, your precious dwelling is too loud in silence
Missed the gloomy and upbeat voice filling it
Missed the hungry and cheerful sound of your footsteps
Missed the sick and hearty body lying sound asleep in it

A picture of you will always be in sight
Your name, tattooed somewhere deep in my heart
Your sound, music to my soul
A thought of you brings me unconsciously smile

Tomorrow, someone else may come along
Someone may fill in an empty space
Someone may show how to set free
But never will be the one who can ever take your place

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