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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Adult · #2143783
A relationship gone wrong
_ Battered and bruised, twisted and torn, confused! Which
Way to turn, a prisoner at home.
Not one, not two, not three, but four in all.
Are torn in pain, hurt, sadness,
Fills the air. She tells her
Family, things will get better,
Promises, she hopes to keep.
A relationship running into dead ends.
A dark man's lies to keep her still.
Fives years is too long,
Time to flee, time to escape,
From this insane massive beast.
"When?" She asks, "When will we
"Don’t push me!" Is his response?
Another year, she waits.
Believing things will get better, but
Are still the same.
"Why?" she asks,
"Why did I ever get involved?
Why do I continue to believe?
Is it because
He cares for me and my children?"
She stands there wandering.
She looks back
On her past, wishing she changed,
Wishing she had done better.
She feels she let her children down.
_Broken promises, four years past,
Everything is still the same.
He hides in the dark,
And makes insults behind people's back.
He can be sweet, this beast.
He can be caring, this beast.
He can be funny, this beast.
Love has fallen through the cracks.
Will he change? Time will tell.

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