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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2144279
Attack Commencing
"Sky, shield!!" Pan shouted as they were hailed down on from turrets up on top the building in front of them.
Sky brought his right arm up in front of the group and activated his barrier shield.
as they marched toward the open aired memorial building they heard mamamercy shout from behind the turret "Princess now!!"
All they heard was a crack of gunfire from the far left and Lou was on the ground with a hole in the side of her head.
"What the hell?!" Mark shouted," she killed her , whats wrong with you people"
"Calm down , shes not dead,Sly responded," just stunned, shes going to be fine, in a few seconds she'll be back in action."
They watched as Lou floated back to the spawn.
As the team made it into the memorial they heard mama jump off the building and move elsewhere
"I'm going after princess" Wild said," the rest of you push the choke at the arch. Watch out for Proxy, you know shes waiting for a good Helix." Wild activated her cloaking device and ran back out.
"Damn, ill never get used to those headshots" ,Lou said running up to the group.
" alright, everyone get behind my shield" Sky said
As they walked out the back of the memorial, they came upon the arch. a large building that served as a security check point before the war started in the game, with a sniping point high in the wall left of the point , and a truck perfectly set to allow a goo turret setup on either side of it.on the right of the truck they could see Dante set up in an identical suit to Sky's holding up his shield as mama set up her turret in a doorway which was already firing on them, Tabs was behind holding her staff at the ready to heal and boost with Proxy right beside her, assault rifle and rockets at the ready, Kane was on the other side of the truck wielding a giant hook and shotgun,and yet still no sign of Princess or Wild.
Doge spoke first, im charging mamas turret if Sky can keep Dante occupied.
"no problem, Lou ,can you get Tabs and Proxy with Murder?"
"Gotcha," she said and looked at Murder" teleport to the top of the storage building behind the truck and i'll draw fire, Love"
Pan nodded her head and ran off to find a good vantage point. "
My shield is failing ,me and doge will charge on three. One , two , THREE, GO.

princess grappled up to the sniping ledge to get a better position behind the point. Wild managed to sneak by the turret setup cloaked,hot on the snipers heals. Wild noticed her team charging in towards the turret set up
"how about some help " she whispered as she threw her transporter across to the point and uncloaked.Before it could turn lock on to her, Wild activated her glove and aimed it at the turret. Pink energy shot from the claws and hacked it into a temporary shutdown state,
"What the hell?" Mama Shouted as Wild quietly telported away.
"NOW", before mama could say another word Doge hit his boosters was on top her turret blasting it with mini rockets, destroying it. Mama began blasting the Mech with her rivet gun in shotgun mode.
"Bad Doge , no!!"
The Mech couldn't take any more, Doge ejected as it fell apart. he turned around and began to shoot Mama with a small pocket pistol. He then made a break for the building next to the truck while mama took cover .but before he could get in the door way he felt something wrap around his waist and looked down to see a hook.
He frowned and said "Fuck " as he was yanked back and came face to face with Kane.
" 'Sup Doge" he said as he shot Doge point Blank with his shotgun.

" I'm Going to help Mama" Tabbie Shouted to Proxy. She nodded and shot cover fire at Sky,as he approached their location. Tabs aimed her staff at the injured turret builder and shot a gold healing beam. once it connected with mama , tabbie pushed a buttonand the wings on her back glowed and she was carried to mamas position.

"Lou, Doge is down i need you to take out proxy while i deal with mama and Tabbie, Pan, can you take care of Kane?"
"No Problem"Pan confirmed
"Sure thing Sky",Lou then ran out of cover at proxy. proxy turned to face her and fired her helix rockets. Lou dove and combat rolled right in front of proxy , she the threw a flashbang,and loaded fanned the hammer of her revolver into the soldiers back. all proxy could feel was small little shocks and then passed out.
Still working on this please give me some time

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2144279