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by auye
Rated: E · Fiction · Animal · #2144499
how Scar destroys everything and the gap of Mufasa's parents' death and the birth of Simba

         "Father, do not worry, I will do my best to rule the kingdom, and it will sure thrive during my rule." In front of the grave of his parents, Mufasa swore with pride and sadness.
         "Your father is dead and Mufasa is now the new king." Puffing and panting, Shenzi rushed to the greenish throne of Scar. " That's what we called news. There, this hyrax will be enough for your lunch and you deserved it. And it is time for me to have my reward too...the pridelands. After I was exiled by my father, I lived in an awful life. This is my chance."
         It's a new day and Mufasa did his regular patrol of where the light touches. In a glimpse of his eye, a dark brown lion lied on the ground. "Brother!" Mufasa cried as he rushed to Scar's side.
" Why are you so weak? Let me bring you back so that you can have some shade."
"T....thank you my lord, I will not forgive your mercy."
" You are my brother, Scar, it is fine. Are you attacked by the hyenas?"
" No, my lord...." The conversation continued as Mufasa carried his brother home.
"Will Scar talk for the king about us?" " HEHEHEHE" Ed laughed as Scar slid back from the pridelands. " I have a share of land in the pridelands, at least I have a home there. The next step is to kill Mufasa, because the excommunication of the right ruler- I, is gone! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA"
The regular patrol happened again under the warm sunlight. With his assistant, Zazu, it is way easier on patrolling the savannah. But little didn't they know that they will turn into ashes real quick. " Mufasa! Mufasa!" the sound of Matembo came from behind. " One of our baby elephants was gone, and from the scent it went into a thorny jungle which elephants cannot trespass . Can you help me, your majesty?" without further due , Mufasa leaped to the thorny jungle . He cried out the baby's name as he realized he was surrounded- by hyenas. " What a great trap. But aren't you thinking that I will be killed that easily?" Mufasa roared and then whispered to Zazu who is freaking out next to him. "Zazu, go find Scar or the other lionesses for help. I can only hold up for a while. I even have to protect the baby elephant, so it was a hard job." Zazu flapped his wings and left as Mufasa started to protect himself and the elephants.
" One at left and two from behind...the hyenas are way easier to handle than I thought." Mufasa thought as he was hitting Banzai onto a rock. " I cannot go back there bare handed, I must do something fast" Thinking of it, Shenzi started to draw Mufasa's attention more by shouting at him. " He doesn't even care. Even I insulted his future son to be friends with a warthog and a meerkat. I have to use the last ultimate plan." Shenzi signaled Ed who is next to the baby elephant and he bit on its ear. " Ouch!" the baby elephant dropped down tears as Mufasa looked behind and "Snap!" Shenzi dug her jaws into Mufasa's paw and it hurts. Mufasa started to panic as one of his paws were hurt. The hyenas then knocked the hurt lion down and decided to kill him but was stopped by Shenzi. " Why don't we nail on some easier targets?"
" You have to help him Scar, you are his brother!" But no matter how hard Zazu tried to yell at him, Scar doesn't seem to care at all. " Mufasa is in trouble?" Mufasa's wife, Sarabi, questioned Zazu anxiously and said that she had to help him. " Let me do it Sarabi, You are quite stressed out already, and besides, you have a son in your tummy..." Sarafina comforted her as she asked Zazu about the details. " He was surrounded by hyenas! Oh god." Sarabi fainted as she heard the news. " You don't have to go Sarafina, Mufasa is strong and I am sure he can handle it." " No, I have to help. Even the strongest king cannot a large pack of hyenas." Ignoring Scar, Sarafina and some other lionesses set off.
"Mufasa...where are you..." Sarafina yelled through the thorns as she smelt blood- is he dead? Sarafina rushed to the crime scene and saw Mufasa was surrounded by the pack, and next to him was pieces of elephant meat and Banzai was munching the brain. " So sad that you cannot protect your citizens huh! Now it is your turn, young lion. Say goodbye to the pridelands!" "Not so fast !" Sarafina pounced on Shenzi and the other lionesses protected Mufasa too. " We shall leave, my friends, these lions are not worth a fight. Lets leave." " Respect the circle of life Sarafina." The other lionesses confronted the raging lioness who tried to kill the evil hyena. Within seconds after Shenzi's order, it seemed like nothing had happened. " Lets go home." Sarafina suggested. "Sarabi is worried about you."
"How...is...Mufasa..." With a sly voice, Scar asked Matembo days later after the incident. " He had been crying for several days even though we had already told him that it's not his fault." " It seems that he cannot rule the pridelands like that, why don't I..." " I rather rule myself then to let this irresponsible rubbish to rule." Sarabi bellowed in a serious tone and Ordered Scar to back off.
" Failures! All failures! You all should kill Mufasa first, then the baby elephant." " It's useless my lord, Sarabi have already stated that even Mufasa is dead, no irresponsible brothers are allod to be king." " You should be grateful that I have a better plan, which, even the strongest lion of all cannot prevent."
It had been months after the death of the elephant and Everything was back to normal, including Mufasa's patrolling as his paw got well. " Zazu, what do you think of if I decide to build a canal since it's the dry seasons. The animals seems to need water." " Who told you this idea and why would you think of doing it?" Zazu felt suspicious on this idea. He thought that building a canal only broke the circle of life . Mufasa didn't seem to let nature took place. " Sca... I think of it myself." " Dare not lie to me sire, you sure that this is not your dear brother's idea?" " No Zazu. Being the brains of the pridelands, of course I thought that out myself.We should go and have our lunch..."
It's the dry seasons and Mufasa's canal was built. The canal was built on the hills, which would be easier for the animals on the hills to drink. " the waterhole is not the only place to drink now, we should drink up there as the water is purer." As the gazelles and zebras left the waterhole, it's way less crowded than before. " well done my brother. I should reconsider you to be in the lion guard." Mufasa thought as he was doing his patrol.
" It's time my friends." The announcement came from the outlands. "This kind of algae sure kills. You three, put it into the canal. It will sure do." "But Scar, Mufasa will not drink the water, will he?" " Smart Shenzi. Of course he will not, but it is still a great chance. Just go and do what I told."
The algae swam through the canal at night, causing the last drop of clean water to be polluted.
" What's that quality? My child vomited due to the canal." "Mine's ill cause of the sick water. You should bear the consequence Mufasa." "Now I started to wonder if the death of my baby in the thorns is Mufasa's problem." Complaints surrounded the Serengeti , and Mufasa's head was swirled with troubles. " I should go and talk to Scar." Mufasa's murmuring was heard by Zazu and he questioned " I think that's not your dear brother's idea." " Fine, that's actually his idea." Mufasa ran away to find his brother, but realized he is nowhere to be seen .
In the crowd of anger, Scar stood on a rock , to let him being seen, and said " I apologize for my brother about the incident happened. I don't think he has the right to be king again. Let me be the king instead."
" But..." " Scar is right. Let him be king." " That's not what his father wants..." in the discussions, Mufasa raged out and told the animals not to listen to him and he was the reason of all the sickness. " Where was the clue?" " He is the clue..." Mufasa signaled the bat behind him and the winged creature started talking...
" I was hunting for moths at that time I hear something. In the corner of my ear, I heard a pack of hyenas laughing as they wandered to the riverbank. I flew closer and see what these outlanders were out to . As I flew closer, I heard the female hyena complained that Scar, it is Scar who commanded them to do all the work for him, including the thorn bush incident. Then they threw some poisons algae into the canal. I wanted to tell Mufasa at that moment but realized that lions aren't nocturnal animals, so I told him just now when he was looking for his brother. So Scar does not deserve a king!"
After the bat's explanation, the air was tense and the animals started to charge at Scar. " He killed our children, we should take revenge!"" Give him a chance, he's my brother!" Mufasa went front and protected Scar. " You will have wages of the deaths and Rafiki will heal the sick! Don't slice him into pieces! He's my brother!"
"Sire! Sarabi is having problems on the baby which should be out soon, come quick!" Zazu rushed to Mufasa's blank face after the cry. " I have to go back and help!" "All animals prepare the celebration! Gotta go." Mufasa left his brother and the angry animals behind. " If Scar's king one day, I am sure that I will leave this place." " If not Simba's birth stopped us, we have already mauled you." " You better be in the celebration thanking your nephew who saved your life" " He will be a better king than you do!" The animals left, leaving the unconvinced lion behind. " Fake hero. I will sure be a better king than Simba, wait and see!" then he went back to his cave, and never went to Simba's celebration.

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